Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just Another Day

Notice the doggie eye balling my son?  He's watching a half eaten cheese stick with such focus, it's amazing :)
Just another Saturday here in my household.  Went to the gym this morning and actually stepped out of my comfort zone and tried a Zumba class.  I wanted to laugh my arse off!  From the looks of the other participants, I was thinking it was going to be a Sweatin' to the Oldies class.  But, let me tell ya I was put in my place.  That shiz was a bit difficult.  Well, my arthritic feet didn't help the matter.  Plus with all those mirrors around the room, it was plain to see that I was not the coolest person there! Reality check #1 for the day.

So, I've got plans to get into my sewing room this afternoon.  I found this cute little Samonsite suitcase at the thrift store the other day for (don't hate me!) $1.25!!!  Seriously!  It was half price day, unbeknownst to me, and I snagged the suitcase and several vintage-y linens too for a total of $4!  Woop!
Ok, well, back to sewing... I'm taking Whoopsie Daisies a new direction this year.  The plan is to make all tooth fairy pillows.  I'm going to offer personalization on them too - so..... hence the picture.......
Did I mention that I have a HUGE half price sale going on???  I think I did.  But, just to let you know once again... head over, please! and help me clean out my mess of a sewing room!

So, I'm sharing this picture to the left just to give you a smidgen of a peek at the chaos of my house.  Unfortunately, when the kiddies are playing well together, it usually means that they are destroying some area of the house.

Exhibit A

and I assure you, there is more mess to behold, but I'm sparing you.

Why am I so concerned over a mess?  Seems so natural, here at my home anyway.  "Mess" just lives here, always has.  Well..... my hubs has taken a new job.  Which we are extremely excited about, but which will mean us moving further into west Texas.  About 1 1/2 hr. from where we live now - west - towards the metropolis of ..........NOTHING!  Moving from a small town (which is near Fort Worth - so think Target, Starbucks, a decent mall, restaurants, etc, etc.) extremely small town which will be about 40 minutes from the luxuries I've grown accustomed to.  It'll take some getting used to - but I think it'll be a really good move for us.
So.... back to "Mess".  Well, "Mess" is going to have to get his happy ass out of my house.  Because it's got to be sold before too much longer.  I'm staying put with the kiddies until the end of the school year - but this summer, we will be moving.
(Not sure about Whoopsie Daisies - thinking every little bit of fabric and thread will need to be packed up and put in storage for awhile - boo hoo!) But, I'm hopeful that a move will mean an actual sewing room!  Joy of Joys!
I'm sure I'll have lots more to say about all of this.......

Ooh, ooh, I almost forgot -
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Half Price Sale at Whoopsie Daisies

It's a new year, and Whoopsie Daisies is headed in a new direction!  Time to clean out the old and make room for the new.
Here's your chance to snag some great deals - please spread the word - I would be much obliged.  The sewing room (dining room that is not "dined" in) is busting at the seams.
Size Medium Adult Lounge Pants - Just $19!
Size Large Adult Lounge Pants - Just $19!
Sweet Upcycled vintage Apron - Just $17.50!
Adult Size Small Lounge Shorts - Just $15!
The "Rooster" Apron - $17.50!
Pumpkins - $10 and $7.50!
Vintage Pillowcase Apron - $17.50!
Fabric Flower Pin/ponytail holders $4!!

More sale items are at my Whoopsie Daisies Etsy Shop - HERE!  Happy New Year - Happy Shopping!

I'm also on Twitter now!  Come find me so we can "Tweet"!  It'll be tons of fun!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Jaime Fraser Anyone????

If you're not reading the Outlander Series by Daina Gabaldon, why the heck not???  Jaime Fraser is the one of the best reasons, Heck, it's THE best reason.  Aw Heck, I'm not going to get anything done today!
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