Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Teacher Gifts: Check.

Crossed off a little "to-do" from my list today.  If you're crafty, like me, you hate it when you're under a time crunch (which is a good majority of the time, unfortunately!),  you need a gift, you run out and buy something, when you know you could have made something just as cute, or cuter yourself!  Don't you hate that??
Well, lucky for me, I was able to get these Retro Cool Hot Pads made in the nick of time.  They were already cut out - so it was just stitching them together today.  Felt good to get it accomplished.

Been a heck of a week with all sorts of "life" things.  Topped off this morning with a trip to the vet for my sweet, sweet dog - Hank.  Poor baby was in a lot of pain.  We found out that he has hip dysplasia.  So....just really hoping that the pain meds will kick in soon and that we'll be able to manage it without breaking the bank.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Crocheting is Back

Don't let anyone tell you crocheting has to be just for old ladies and church bazaars - (even though if it weren't for these said "years experienced ladies" we wouldn't even know how to crochet! - so I say  - Thank you! to them).  Crocheting is so much fun - I was introduced to it several years ago by my mother in law. Her father had carved these crochet hooks from the limbs from a Bodock Tree.  I love them.  They are so smooth and glide just right through the yarn.  They've got all the love of handmade in them too.  She gave them to me during a visit to Mississippi and taught me a simple chain stitch in the back seat of the Tahoe.  I had one good long chain by the time we made it back to Birmingham!
So, my sister started a new photography business - Bellies to Babies - she's in the northern Indiana area.  A good midwestern girl!  She taking the most adorable pictures of, well, bellies and babies!  She had asked me to make her a few little hats for the little boys to wear.  I'm not sure these will be the right size for newborn heads though.  I tried cramming one on my 3 year old, but he wasn't having any of that.  Guess blood flow to the head is important even to a 3 year old, hmmm..
So, back to crocheting - it's very relaxing once you get the hang of it - gives you immediate results - and allows you to sit and still feel productive, (important if you are a crazed mother!) - and is therepeutic.  Guess that's another reason why I have been drawn to it in the last several days.  My family has been facing some really tough issues.  I don't need to say a lot about it, but I do want to say how much I admire and love my mother in law and would appreciate any prayers you send her way.
Now, go get crocheting!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mouse Introductions

My kids in the land of the mouse, for the first time!
Just look at the grins on these faces!
Can't go to Disney without indulging in the Chocolate Covered Mickey ice cream!

"Mommy, can I please have this???? Please???? Please????? Look into my are getting drowsy......I said Please!" How could I resist? (this cool toy lasted about 15 minutes before the bubbles were all used up, purchased more bubbles, used those up in about 10 minutes, now we're home and the dangedy dang thing won't work at all!)
Aw - now that's a sweet boy!

Mommy and Daddy had to get in on the action too!

Guess where we've been??? I know, it's so much fun looking at someone else's vacation pictures, Ha! If you lived closer, I'd have you over for punch and cookies and we could look at them on the big TV screen ;)
It was a fun trip - kids had fun (most important factor!), spent some fun time with a dear uncle and much loved grandmother, a few minor hiccups, some change of plans, some really nasty real-life stuff that reared up, but the kiddies had fun - and for that I am grateful!
It's been 18 years since I've been to Disney World. The last time I stepped foot there I was employed by the Mouse. It was such a fun experience, with loads of memories, as you can imagine. So, this trip was sort of like a home coming for me. I worked in the Magic Kingdom, in a little store called the Mad Hatter. It's been transformed a bit and is now called Fantasy Faire - doesn't look much like I remember. I've realized that it's a totally different experience seeing Disney as a parent, compared to a carefree 20-something. I had a few "Ahhh" moments, but it was mostly the "Ahhh" experiences for my kids this time around that I enjoyed most.
This is the Guide Book we used while in the park - I'd highly suggest it if you are looking!
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