Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Button Up

These are little vintage buttons that I've made into magnets for your fridge.  They will gladly, and with greatest strength and endurance hold your most fussy objects to your ice box, or whatever metal surface you ask them too!
Just a little sneak peek at some new items I'm adding to my stash of goods for the show this weekend.....
Hope to see you there.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Vintage PUmpKins straight to you........

Straight from the chaotic sewing room of Whoopsie Daisies, come the retro-hippy vintage-y funkilious pumpkins.  Can you Dig It Man?

Remember the ugly-dugly fabric I snagged in Indiana?  Perfect for fall pumpkins!  (It was dated 1974 by the way).  At least in my opinion that is.  I realize that this fabric is not for everyone.  Personally, I love it, but my house, though I'd love it to be, just isn't retro-cool.  Cookie cutter suburban house doesn't equal retro-chic.  I'll probably keep one or two in the hopes of finding someplace to display them though.
I went out yesterday after Coffee-Talk with some Fort Worth Etsy folks, and hit a local thrift store in hopes of find more previously loved threads to sew with, but no luck.  Sometimes you hit the jackpot, and most of the time....Well....you don't.  But the hunt continues.......

Did I mention that I'll be at the Fort Worth Cowtown Indie Bazaar on Saturday, September 4th????  Come by and say HI if you're in the area!  Loads of really talented vendors will be on hand (over 80!) - and....it's alllllll  handcrafted!  No made in China here ladies and gentlemen!  Come support Handmade - and listen to some live Music by Titan Moon, Shop till you Drop, Free Photo Booth, Enjoy Refreshments, bring the kiddies along and put your own Creative Talents to use at the free Make and Take Table, and Free Goody Bags to the first 50 Customers!  100% Indie, 100% Handmade!

Catch you On the FLiP SiDe!  I'm Outta Here.......

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Scribble, Sketch, and Draw on the Go!

We attended a total of 5 parties last weekend, 3 of which were child's birthday parties.  One was for a sweet little Four year old boy - which as you might guess, is more difficult for me to sew a gift for - and two of the other parties were for 3 little girls.  (One party was a Wedding Reception - so that doesn't count, oh and one was a fun end of summer ice cream party) - keeping up with the math here?  One party was for (four? no... "for") Two girls - one that was Seven, and one that turned Four.
And, I wonder why my brain feels like scrambled eggs sometimes.
OK - so basically, I had 3 little girls that I needed gifts for (not "four"), one little boy, and two parties that don't count in the gifts equation.  I'll stop that now.
And - I had these tablets of paper and colored pencils - so, I whipped up these little Vintagey-Travel Pencil Art Pouch/Cases thingys.  (Still working on the name, here).
Actually - these were the 3 extra that I made, because, did I mention that I'll be at the Cowtown Indie Bazaar on September, 4th?  (Which is also going to be my 39 birthday - ugh!  Can't believe I admitted to that.  Really, it really will be "39".  Trust me, if it's not 39, then I would've told you "29"!  I'm still coming to terms with the whole 30's going into 40's issue.  I know age is just a number, I know, I know - but jeez, .......feels like I just graduated from kindergarten.  Not really, but you know what I mean - more on that topic later, I'm sure!)
So, anywhoo - basically, I'm sewing LIKE CRAZY!  and, I'm still worried about not having enough products to fill my 10x10 booth - but it won't be for lack of trying!
I've got some cutesy Retro Cool Hot Pads to show you all, several funky vintagey- aprons, fabric flower pins, hippie fun retro button headbands, oooooh.....all sorts of things!
These little travel art kits are also available on my Etsy site.

See you all later!  I've got to run...... my boy is rummaging through my bathroom drawers, and that's never a good thing.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rotten Tomatoes

This tomato pin cushion has lasted me through many years - probably a good 15 years of sewing, but I'm thrilled to see it go.  I think it was the green leaves at the top that finally did it in - see the shavings popping out?
So, I'm happy to say I have a nice, new, pretty tomato to hold my pins.  I even decided to pitch all of those dress shirt pins that I had saved and opt for keeping my trusty long yellow headed pins.  Looks so much tidier, huh?
Speaking of rotten tomatos, one of the things I crave in the summer is fresh tomatoes from the garden.  If you don't already know, I live in Central Texas and we are on day 20 of 100 degrees or more - ugh!  
Each summer I've tried to plant a garden, and this year, mine got in a bit late so, my poor tomato plants are baking in the sun each day.  
I thought this garden was an improvement to years past in a way because normally I've planted WAY too many plants and ended up with a giant gnarled mess of a garden this time of year.  But - what was labeled as "Cucumber" at the garden center was actually a jalepeno plant, my "Zuchinni" was enormous bumpy Squash, and "Squash" died a pitiful death by some rooting animal early in the summer.  So....I would really, really like just one or two pretty tomatoes to eat on my turkey sandwich!!!  But, as you can see they aren't looking so hot.  I may try for a fall tomato, which apparently one of our local garden centers is advertising.  

This is what they look like now - barely hanging on - but I'm hopeful still for a few sweet fruits of my labor. (I'm curling my toes even taking these pictures, because I'm sceered (that's "scared" in "Texas lingo") to death of a creeping nasty snake biting my freshly pedicured toes!  Blah!)
It's hard to tell in this photo - but there is a dirty rotten catepillar just making himself at home on one of my juicy delights - I'd pinch his little head off and squeeze it between my fingers if it wouldn't totally gross me out!!!  Dang catepillar.  

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

4 Years Old is Such a BiG BoY!

He approved of the "Buzzy" cake - and that's all that counts!

The boy has some lungs
Pretty much is expression all day long!
Love from his big sister
My little boy turned 4 years old the end of July - I'm a bit late posting pictures, but didn't want to let the occasion be missed.  He decided that he wanted a Buzz Lightyear cake, and me being Miss Crafty, figured I could do this - no problem.  Well - that cake was the hardest one I've ever tackled!  Ugh - my boy didn't care though.  He was just concerned that Buzz had two red buttons on his arms to shoot the bad guys - that was taken care of luckily.
He had a party with 20 of his little friends - not at my house (I'm not that crazy) - and then had fun with just family afterwards, opening up presents and eating more cake and ice cream.
All in all - a good day - a happy boy - a much loved boy, and one that isn't letting anyone forget that he is FOUR!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vintage Dots for Boys

Boy baby gifts are always more difficult for me to create when working with vintage fabric.  But - I think this works out quite well.  I am in lurve with the blue polka dots in this fabric!  It's vintage for sure - as well as the cutesy button and yellowish/gold rick rack.  All show signs of previous love - but work perfectly together here.
A nice stack of 3 burp clothes backed in a vintage chenille bedspread straight from Grandma's boudoir !  Poor Grannie.....she's shiverin'
A diaper/wipes pouch perfect for, well....diapers and wipes.  Or....a book, or a waller/keys, or lipstick and breath mints, or........umm....."insert your own here" - you get the idea!
This little ensemble is headed to Indiana for a baby shower this weekend :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

My Little Country Bumpkins

My sister made the pictures.....I made the kids - with a little help from their daddy (oh - and I made the boy's shorts too:).

Thanks to my sister for taking these photos of my little munchkins while we were in Indiana (I know, the pictures just keep coming and coming!  Oh - don't you worry.....there are still more to come :).  She's got a great little photography business going up there (Bellies to Babies)- check her out if you are in the Northern Indiana area.
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