Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Crafty Pod and Vintage Indie - Check it out!

Take a click over to 
Crafty Pod 
The Podcast and Blog all about Making Stuff.  I'm bookmarking this one, they have some serious links to some seriously fun looking crafts.  If you're like me, you're always looking for something new to "make" - and I think this blog may be my next stop for inspiration.   
They've done a great review of "Craft Challenge:  Dozens of Ways to Repurpose a Pillowcase".  Of course, I'm a little biased since they posted a picture of the Layer Cake Apron - yahoo!  Thanks for the link!

Also - Check out Vintage Indie - Modern Life, Vintage Perspective.  They featured my newest Layer Cake Apron yesterday.  This is also a fav blog of mine - I love how the editor - Gabrieal Wyatt states that their goal is to give new life to once disregarded items and blend them into the modern world we live in today.  For those of us that love vintage - isn't that what it's all about?  Honoring the past by bringing it into our lives today.  Love it.  Check it out!

Friday, March 27, 2009

A New Layer Cake Apron

I just love the name the people at Lark Books came up with to call my apron - The Layer Cake Apron.  I was much too technical in naming them - The Ruffle Tier Apron - not nearly as tasty sounding.  
I've finally gotten around to posting a few more things to my Etsy Site and one of them is a new apron.  Stop by and take a look!
I should have a stock pile of new and exciting pillowcases to start working with along with other great linens after a much anticipated trip to Canton First Monday Trade Days with some girlfriends next week.  We'll be shopping on the Thursday, without children!  Can't wait for the company and all the good junk we're sure to find!  Yeah for husbands and grandma's who are willing to watch the kiddos all day.  

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Camping with the Fam

I have plans to share with you a news article in my local paper about the Lark book, but I'm having trouble getting the PDF file to cooperate.
So, instead I'm sharing these few pictures from our camping trip this past weekend.
Perfect weather, great friends, fresh air, bikes, fishing, smores, campfires, cool beverages, watching rock climbers, playing on the beach, run in with a stunned scorpion, dirt, and thankfully no snakes (yet).  
We spent the weekend in Mineral Wells State Park here in Texas with about 12 other families - 

Friday, March 20, 2009

Pillowcase Contest at Lark Books!

I'm so excited about Lark Books newest craft book about Pillowcases! If you love vintage fabrics, especially vintage pillowcases, you'll love this book. Check out the contest Lark is sponsoring....see details below........
I've also been asked to be a judge, so I'm looking forward to seeing all of the creative inspirations that my fellow crafters come up with.

The common pillowcase is experiencing a creative transformation thanks to savvy crafters just like you. That’s right, those old pillow toppers are being repurposed into everything from fashionable clothing and accessories to chic home d├ęcor items.To celebrate our new book Craft Challenge- Dozens of Ways to Repurpose a Pillowcase we are hosting a Pillowcase Challenge Contest!
Three lucky winners will receive a copy of Craft Challenge- Dozens of Ways to Repurpose a Pillowcase and 9 more of Lark’s newest, most indie-wonderful craft titles.To enter for a chance to win please read the rules and then send the following to mailto:crafts@larkbooks.com
One digital image of your re-purposed pillowcase
First and Last Name
Email Address
Contest entry period runs from March 6th through April 30th, 2009. Want some free pillowcase projects? We thought you might. Check ‘em out!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sweet Spring Skirts with a Vintage Touch

I'm thinking spring - and starting to think about what my children will be wearing for Easter. The goal is a dress made from a vintage sheet (of course) paired with new material from Joann's. Then little boy will wear Jon Jon's (or shorts - don't know yet) made from the same new material from Joann's. The problem is finding the time to get it all done - which is why I caved and bought them new outfits from Orient Expressed last year. I loved the outfits, just not the crazy price!
I've just recently posted these skirts on Etsy for any darling Easter ensemble for your little girl!
Head over to my Etsy Site to take a look.

They are all made from vintage pillowcases - so one of a kind for sure! They will fit a wide range of sizes - the model in the pictures is a size 5 - but I think sizes 4-7 would be great.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Cleaning Poem - Oh, I Love My Computer~

Cleaning Poem Maid dusting staircase
I asked the Lord to tell me
Why my house is such a mess.
He asked if I'd been 'computering',
And I had to answer 'yes.'
He told me to get off my fanny
And tidy up the house.
And so I started cleaning up...
The smudges off my mouse.
I wiped and shined the topside.
That really did the trick...
I was just admiring my work.
I didn't mean to 'click.'

But click, I did, and oops
I found
A real absorbing site.
That I got SO way into it.
I was into it all night.
Nothing's changed except my mouse
It's very, very shiny.
I guess my house will stay a mess...
While I sit here on my hiney.
I guess my house will stay a mess....
While I sit here on my hiney.

Thank you for being my "Bloggy" Friend!
and thanks to Jennifer for sending this to me via e-mail when I should have been doing a number of other things, besides sitting in front of the computer!
I Love My Computer Because My Friends Live In It!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Dance Baby, Dance!!!!!

I'm so excited - tonight is the Season 8 premier of Dancing with the Stars! ABC, 8/7c for 2 hours.
If I had a mirror ball, it would be hanging from the ceiling fan

I'm looking forward to seeing Shawn Johnson and Lil Kim dance, mainly because they are so vertically challenged - like myself! I also want to know who the new replacements are for Jewel and Nancy O'Dell. - Being in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, the local media is all excited about Melissa Rycroft from the Bachelor.

Maxim and Karina will be fun to watch too considering their recent engagement.

And of course, I can't wait to see "my guys" Derek Hough and Mark Ballas - since, you know, we're "buds" now! More about their Debut Album, out tomorrow! March 10th.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just some Bits

I've been busy sewing up an order for a dear customer of mine, Athena, and am sharing some photos of the pretties.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Vintage Cowboys and Cowgirls

I have this little collection of vintage cowboys and cowgirls that sit on my shelf by a few of my Yellowstone things. I just love them - all but one are marked "Occupied Japan", which if you are a collector, you know that these are more sought after. The littlest cowboy isn't marked, but I love him anyway.
These are "shelf sitters" - again, something I've been told that makes them more desirable to collectors. I would love them even if they weren't collectible.
Then, here's my most prized little cowboy!

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