Monday, August 25, 2008

Free Handmade Envelope Tutorial

Paper crafting is somewhat new to me, so I was quite impressed with myself this morning when I sat down to make these homemade envelopes. Paper crafts require time to create away from children - and since my #1 girl started Kindergarten this morning (more on that later!) and my #1 boy is sleeping, I was able to spend a little quiet time myself creating these........

I had been trying to find envelopes that would fit a 4x6 picture. I thought I'd been so clever having photo thank you cards made, but then was frustrated because I couldn't find envelopes to fit them. I think these turned out cuter than anything I could've purchased.

Step #1: Using an envelope that you currently have, in the dimensions that you need, open it up all the way.
Step #2: Trace the envelope onto your desired paper. I used scrapbook paper that was actually in a Christmas pack. I bought this huge package of it several years ago when I thought I'd get into scrapbooking (that didn't really happen!)Step #3 - Cut it out. I used just regular scissors from my junk drawer in the kitchen. I'm sure you could use something more precise if you're not very steady with your hands.Step #4 - Fold in the sides. I used a plastic ruler to help fold the edges.

Step #5 - Somehow glue the edges down. I used these cute litte pieces of tape I found in my long forgotten box of scrapbooking stuff.And............. Viola - a loverly handcrafted envelope you can be proud of! Let me know if you have any questions -

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banuca said...

I saw this just in time, a lovely idea for new year cards, thanks a lot.

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