Monday, June 29, 2009

Twilight Jeans

So, here are my "Twilight" jeans! Don't worry - I'll be wearing them only once....(Ooooh! , unless....., they would be perfect for viewing the upcoming movies...New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn! amd any Twilighty parties that are sure to be attended!)I'll be sure to be with friends who appreciate my addiction instead of being with those who are totally embarrassed by me. No worries. I'm pretty tactful that way. I'd hate to embarrass anyone. Besides being a little bit too tight - I think they turned out sort of cute. In fact, it's got me thinking about all the other things I can do with a bleach pen. Have you tried this yet? It's fun!
I'm thinking about doing a pair for my daughter with her school mascot on them - I think you could also use a stencil and the bleach pen - lots of options.
It's hard to see, but I highlighted all the words with a black sharpie - another fun tool (lots you can do with this too!). I also borrowed a friends heat set gem gun - wow! that's fun - I was ready to put gems on everything! I ended up putting them down the one leg that has the swirly gigs (which by the way were inspired from the graphics on my Twilight box set that I received for Mother's Day). In case you're not in the know - the sayings all over the jeans are mostly favorite quotes from the books. I also used this stuff called Denimolition which I purchased at Joann's awhile back when it was on the clearance aisle. It worked like a charm - almost too well in places - it completely eats away the denim to give you the torn up look, that is sooo in right now. Just tryin to be fashionable and all.
Anyways - playing around with acrylic paint today and a black sharpie pen while my kids are running around like monkeys. It's soooo stinkin' hot lately that we're stuck inside most of the day. We can get out in the mornings a little and in the evening after the sun goes down, but besides that it's just too hot to be outside.
Just a few more weeks and I'll be taking the kiddos up to Indiana for some cooler weather (hopefully) and good times with family.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sparklers T-shirt Re-"vamp"

So by now you know I'm headed to Dallas this summer for TwiCon - and my friend found these t-shirts at Tar-get a few weeks ago on a 4th of July display for $5. We thought they were perfect for TwiCon - I might actually wear this for the 4th and for TwiCon. ("Sparklers" - get it? "Sparklers" in vampires from Twilight?)
I thought it needed a little tweaking - so I dug out my pair of trusty Gingers and cut the neckline.
I used a ruler and a disappearing ink pen to draw the line where I wanted it while wearing it, then just cut and serged the edge.
I also took silver fabric paint and painted over the top of the sparkler - I was trying to go for a more silver look rather than blue.

I think for minimal effort, it turned out pretty cute.
Here is a sort of pre-view for my next project........
I've been so busy lately I'm meeting myself coming and going. I've got a cake in the oven (hubby's birthday today!), laundry in the washer, dish washer going, half finished Etsy order on the sewing table, messy house and little boy crying to get out of bed.
We've had vacation bible school all week along with other activities like gymnastics, pool party, and boot camp.....not so much a slow summer - but things should slow down a bit next week.
OK - buzzer just went off on the oven for the lovely birthday cake....guess what?! The oven wasn't even turned on! I'm losing my brain.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Vampire Worthy Vest

What do you think?
Is is Alice Cullen worthy? Ha!!! I know, you all think I've lost it! - but at least I was inspired to turn my husband's worn out suit pants into a very cool vest. "Up"cycling at it's best!
I'll be wearing this to TwiCon, but I think I can wear it this summer over a tank top or just a tight fitting t-shirt. The 80's are making a come back - maybe I should dig out my leg warmers and go find a Toni home perm kit too, or...maybe not, I'm not that crazy.
I'm loving the buttons - they're vintage - I've been saving them for awhile now for that perfect project. I just love them so much that I didn't want to let them go and I so rarely sew for myself, so this was the perfect place for them.
I'm going to tell you about the t-shirt under the vest on another post - just some fun revamping.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sand in my shoes....and suitcase, and bed, and car, and .....

We had a great time - spent one week in Perdido Key, Florida.  Didn't do anything but play in the sand, play in the ocean, watch dolphins, hunt sand crabs, swim in the pool, read a little Twilight (of course), eat popsicles, and dig sand out of my swim suit.
Back to yard work, grocery shopping, keeping up with the house, to-do lists, swim lessons, gymnastics, boot camp (yes, that's for me....holy cow - kicked my hiney last night! My legs and arms still feel like they weigh 200 lbs.).
Got that vest laid out on my sewing table and I'm headed that direction right......NOW.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Slashing Pants

Well, since I've come to terms with my list of things to do - I've realized that this project is not going to get done before Friday - which means I won't be able to show you the end result for over a week - because I am heading to the beach for several days with my family, and my trusty sewing machine will not be making the trip.
I was able to work on it today some - but have recently realized that I screwed up the side seams while putting in the lining - so I've got to get my seam ripper out, which always irritates the stew out of me. I was trying to get as much done as possible today before my girl cames skipping off the school bus, and I obviously rushed a bit.
I think it's going to turn out really cute - I know the pictures look a little iffy, but I'm hoping for a fitted vest that I can wear over a cute t-shirt with some funky jeans and jewelry in order to wear to a concert in July (more details on that later too! - I'm not totally willing to divulge all the details - I know you'll just be soooooooo jealous!). Well, ok - here's another hint - you all know how much I'm completely addicted to any and all "Twilight". That's all I'm gonna say! Think what you will!
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