Friday, August 29, 2008

Boys Plaid Patchwork Shorts

My family is having our picture taken in a few weeks and I was looking for something for the kids to wear. I spotted these shorts from Kelly's Kids, but didn't want to pay the money for them, mainly because I knew if I found similar fabric I could just make them myself.
I used this pattern from Simplicity. I found the material at Joann's. It was a little tricky working with this fabric, mainly because of the patchwork. There are a lot of seams to deal with.
Here's what I came up with! (No, I didn't mess up the leg, it's just how he's standing. I had to take the picture quick! He doesn't hold still for very long)

I'm also planning to make this dress for my girl. I'll let you know how that turns out.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Little Girl is Growing Up

My girl started Kindergarten on Monday. She did great! I did just fine - a few tears here and there, but all in all, so far, so good. My boy is absolutely obsessed with the school buses and he wants to ride one "NOW"! Today is day 3 of school and I've been taking her and picking her up. Next week I think we're going to try having her take the bus home. This will produce squeals of delight from my boy. He'll be glued to the front window watching for his sissy's bus 1 hour before it's supposed to arrive.
The start of Kindergarten has been a little more emotional than I expected. All last week I was in knots, worrying about silly things. I woke up one morning at 3:30am and couldn't fall back to sleep because I was worried I'd forget to charge the battery on my camera. I was worried because I didn't have a "special" breakfast planned for her, didn't have a "special enough" outfit for her to wear, and on and on. It's crazy I know - but I just didn't want to screw up her first day. I live in a community where most residents are very blessed with resources beyond what's truly needed. I need to constantly stop myself and remember that she's not going to care about all that later on (well, she might be ticked off if I didn't have a picture of her on the first day though).
I'm just glad that she is happy and willing to trot off to school and so far, has come home happy and ready to tell me about her day.
As I was leaving her school this morning, I passed a Kindergarten teacher wrangling a screaming, kicking, crying boy. I really admired that teacher for her patience. It's not an easy job being a teacher....duh. I also left with compassion for that little boy's mother. She was leaning against the wall just sobbing into her hands. It's hard enough sending your baby to school for the first time, but I can't imagine doing it if your child was miserable. It's not easy being a mom either......
Keep all of the Kindergarten Mommies in your thoughts and prayers these next few weeks, and pray for all of the little ones just starting out, that they may thrive and grow into happy, well-rounded kids.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Free Handmade Envelope Tutorial

Paper crafting is somewhat new to me, so I was quite impressed with myself this morning when I sat down to make these homemade envelopes. Paper crafts require time to create away from children - and since my #1 girl started Kindergarten this morning (more on that later!) and my #1 boy is sleeping, I was able to spend a little quiet time myself creating these........

I had been trying to find envelopes that would fit a 4x6 picture. I thought I'd been so clever having photo thank you cards made, but then was frustrated because I couldn't find envelopes to fit them. I think these turned out cuter than anything I could've purchased.

Step #1: Using an envelope that you currently have, in the dimensions that you need, open it up all the way.
Step #2: Trace the envelope onto your desired paper. I used scrapbook paper that was actually in a Christmas pack. I bought this huge package of it several years ago when I thought I'd get into scrapbooking (that didn't really happen!)Step #3 - Cut it out. I used just regular scissors from my junk drawer in the kitchen. I'm sure you could use something more precise if you're not very steady with your hands.Step #4 - Fold in the sides. I used a plastic ruler to help fold the edges.

Step #5 - Somehow glue the edges down. I used these cute litte pieces of tape I found in my long forgotten box of scrapbooking stuff.And............. Viola - a loverly handcrafted envelope you can be proud of! Let me know if you have any questions -

Friday, August 22, 2008

Aprons Around the Globe

I've noticed quite a few hits from this website - "10marifet I would include a picture from their site, but since I can't read turkish, I can't figure out how to do that.
Apparently, they love me in Turkey. I'm number 7 on the list. It's another great place to find apron tutorials. If you click on them, they'll bring up other blogs in English.
I love the fact that women around the globe are sharing their love and interest in aprons and sewing. The internet is great for many reasons, but think about how we can reach out to one another just by typing on a computer. Obviously some terrible things can happen just by typing some words on a computer, but I'm comforted by the fact that as women - we can somehow join hands. I'm convinced that women can change the world.
If you're coming to me from 10marifet - welcome!! And thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Glorious Rain - and a Round Top SCORE!

Here in Texas, the summer has been scorching. My poor garden bit the dust while I was in Indiana and I had basically just given up on it - poor pathetic thing. Hot, Hot Sun and no rain are not good for growing anything but rocks.

But, lo and behold,'s been raining! Not just one day, not just two days, but ALL week! For the most part, just slow steady rain. I managed to pull out all of my dead tomato plants, etc. and replanted pumpkins, acorn squash, and bush beans. You know, that water from the sky does wonder for making things grow.

My boy has had lots of fun wearing his sister's hand me down yellow rain boots and playing with her Care Bear umbrella. Guess we need to get him a "boy" one, o well, he doesn't know the difference yet.

Round Top News - We found a place to stay!! I'm so excited. We'll be staying at this great B&B in Round Top. The house we're renting is a little bitty place - just one bedroom and a sleeper sofa, but it's adorable. I was able to stay at this B&B twice before. Once with my mother-in-law and several of her friends and once with my parents (you know, antique dealers - they had to see Round Top). I had been looking everywhere trying to find a decent place to stay. My girlfriends that are coming along on the trip have never had the "experience" of RT before, so I did want to make a good impression. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures. Can't wait, I'm hoping to find lots of things that I can't live without (that'll drive my hubby crazy when I lug everything home and try to find places for it all!)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Round Top Texas - Help!

Ok - I've finally managed to pin down a date for a girl's weekend in Round Top!
I'm so excited - I haven't been in several years and my friends that are going have never been. We're going during the first weekend of "Preview Week", which is still crowded and chock full of stuff to see. The problem is, as you can imagine, I'm just now trying to find lodging at a decent rate.
Help - do any of you have any suggestions of some secret place (that you're willing to give me the name)! Believe me, I've checked all over the internet. We can stay in Austin, which isn't horrible of a drive, we just want to get in all the shopping we possibly can (WITHOUT KIDS EVEN!!) Yahoo!!!! We'll have a blast no matter where we stay - but I"d sure appreciate any advise!
ROUND TOP HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - check this out if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Vintage Blues - A Sweet Child's Apron

I just wanted to share a photo of this apron that I posted to my Etsy Shop this morning. It's the sweetest little thing - made from vintage material. It's being modeled on my 5 year old. This would be adorable as a gift - try giving aprons with a bag of cookie dough and cookie cutters! Any little girl would love it (and so would her Momma!).

Friday, August 15, 2008

Oh Yeah....Momma Likey! (Frosting, that is.)

Ooh, that buttercream frosting tastes soo good! What sort of world would this be without the decadence of butter. Forget that nasty margarine, shortening, oleo goo. Just enjoy the real stuff, that's what I say anyway. (Until I step on the scale).
My girl decorated these............
After Craft Club the other night, and feeling more confident in my decorating skills, I made these cuppy cakes for Supper Club. I've told you all about Craft Club - well, supper club is similar. Four of us in my neighborhood get together once a month and bring an entree that we have assembled and frozen ahead of time - enough for 4 families. It's not as bad as you might think - first of all, we all have similar sized families (ex. no growing teenage boys, just 2 parents and 2 little people). We also put the dinners in 8x8 Pyrex dishes, ready for the oven after defrosting. That makes plenty for a family of 4, and often times we eat the leftovers another night.
Each of us has a different category - either chicken, beef, vegetarian, or chef's choice plus dessert - that was me this month. We also supply the recipe. That way you can take a red marker and put a large X through it if you hated it (just kidding, anything I didn't have to think about preparing at 5:30pm in the evening with 2 munchkins hangin on my leg tastes out of this world!) - You may just not want to prepare that meal again for your in-laws (or........ you might, depending on your level of "likey, likey"). You also get to try a variety of foods and might find something that your whole family loves - in that case take your red marker and put a big Heart around it.

For us, Supper Club is more than that though - it's just a good excuse to get together with other mommy friends and spend some time together without the kids. We also make each other's lives a bit easier by providing 4 meals/month, in your freezer, ready to go.

I made Chicken with Artichokes and Olives in the slow cooker for my entree this month. It's on the menu for dinner tonight, we'll see what everyone thinks.

Are you part of a club such as this? If so, tell me about it!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cake Decorating with Craft Club Friends

Anna hosted our monthly Craft Club for August. We learned cake decorating this time! I've always wanted to take a class or learn more about cake decorating, but just never took the time. The colors in these pictures didn't turn out very well - they were much prettier in person.
It's been so much fun spending time with friends and learning something new in the process. I love the fact that by learning something totally new to me, I'm inspired to create new things in my own realm of sewing.

So, maybe if you're in a rut creatively. Just try something new. It jump starts certain sparks in your brain and turns your creativity back on. It also makes you want to head straight to Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or Joanns and blow a wad of money on new supplies!

Anna, thanks for a great evening. I still can't believe how late I'm getting home on these evenings (12:30 AM folks!) - that's pretty late when you've got little ones raring to go at 6am the next morning. But, it's been well worth it.

I hope I can further inspire all of you in sharing my creative outlets. I'm hosting the next Craft Club night - we'll be making aprons, of course! I'll be sure to share the pictures.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An Update - I'm back

Things are starting to settle back down a bit for a few days - until school starts, which will be a big adjustment for me. My girl is starting kindergarten this year and I'm not quite sure how that will all pan out. I'm certain that she will love it, I'm certain I'll cry, and I'm certain that little boy will miss his big sister.

We've had lots of adventures these last few weeks. I hinted at them on my last post.

First of all - had a great trip to Indiana. Spent lots of time hanging out at my childhood home with my parents - swimming, playing outside, picking raspberries, picking cherries, gathering apples for the horses, riding Papa's tractor, a trip to the zoo, picking and canning green beans, eating sweet corn, watching crop dusters, a visit to the Hesston Train Museum, celebrating my boy's 2nd birthday, lots of time at the fair, and just enjoying the cool green grass and wonderful 85 degree weather! Texas was up to 107 while we were gone!
We did have a little upset during our visit though - my boy came down with a terrible bug of some sort and wound up in the hospital for 3 days with an IV in his little hand. Before the trip, I was worried about keeping him occupied for 2 hours in the airplane, now that seems like a piece of cake compared to keeping him occupied for 3 days with a tube attached to his arm in a hospital room! It was scary, but in a wierd way it actually worked out. My girl was able to spend some good one on one time with her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. My husband flew up on a moment's notice and spent 2 nights with us - so he was able to see our girl swim and she took him to the "fair" one morning - so he could see the "Great LaPorte County Fair"! I also had some time to visit with my brother while he came to sit with me at the hospital as well as my dad. That's not really something we make the time to do ordinarily. And, most importantly, my boy is all better and back to his ornery little self.

As I've mentioned before, my parents are antique dealers. I had a chance to go with my dad on a buying trip which was extremely fun. I scored some of the best linens and I can't wait to start sewing with them.
Here are some of them hanging on the line.

The kids (as well as the rest of us) had such a good time at the fair - it's all you'd want a county fair to be - lots of families, fried food, animals and for my family, a chance to see friends and people that you haven't caught up with in a very long time. I actually ran into my best friend from the 5th and 6th grade! Kristie - it was good to see you!!

We even had a visit from Gaga - my kids grandmother from Birmingham. She drove up in order to celebrate the boy's 2nd birthday, and of course, visit the fair!

My mom, my sister, myself and all the little cousins.The boys - my boy and my sister's. They are 5 months apart in age.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Our Adventure and Safe Return

My Girl and her Papa at Pioneer Land..........Summit Hill Farm.................
I scored some awesome linens!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aren't they pretty on the clothes line?
Yes, this is my son in the hospital. Some drama during the trip - but all's well now!
My kiddos in front of the barn.........
We celebrated my little boy's 2nd birthday - "Choo Choo, I'm Two!"
Here are just a few pictures of our adventure to Indiana. We did so many things I don't know where to start. It was a great visit - we love and miss our family already. I'll fill in the blanks soon.
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