Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fabric Pumpkins

I love fall - I love the cooler weather, the tastes of fall and of course the smells - I've got my pumpkin candle burning non-stop these days. My friend's birthday was on Wednesday and I decided to make her some of these pumpkins as a gift. I'm pretty excited with the way they turned out. I'm especially loving the animal print with the crushed velvet and shiny satin material. I'm wishing I had some cute vintage material in fall colors - because I think these could look really funky with vintage touches added to them.Of course I felt like I needed to head to the fabric store to buy yet more fabric to add to my already huge stash of it - but I just had to have the right shade of green wool felt for the stems. Then I couldn't pass up the brown baby corduroy and green crushed velvet. Oh, and then I had to have that touch of orange and rust.

If you want to check out the instructions - head over to Schlosser Designs to view the tutorial.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dancing with the Stars - It's Stamina Baby!

I'm in my land of bliss at the moment. Totally indulging in Blue Bell Coffee flavored ice cream and watching all of the Dancing with the Stars clips! You do know what tomorrow is don't you??? It starts the 3 night season premier!! Yeah! I'm sooo glad I have a DVR because my poor family would be so tortured watching it for 3 nights in a row. There are 16 celebrities this season!
I'm excited for my man Maks - he's a cutie and his partner Debi Mazar seems funny and she's got the coolest eyes!- I think they'll be a cute dance couple. But Maks, what's up with the shaved head dude???!!
Of course, I've got to cheer for Derek - you know we're buddies, don't you?? Oh Yeah, we're tight. He and Mark seem like the sweetest guys - check out their band - Ballas Hough Band - totally love their music. I've got them right there in my iPod next to my Twilight soundtrack :). When asked how he and Mark could dance an entire show and then go on to perform with their band all in the same night he said "It's Stamina Baby!" - so,.... I'm trying to make that my mantra, sounds pretty good to me!
I'm also going to be watching Dmitry and Mya (well, just because Dmitry might come out with his shirt wide open! - Awwwwww!).
You gotta love Edyta - she's such a beautiful woman - just gorgeous, and I think she seems to have such a sweet disposition. And did you know that she's the only professional dancer to appear in all 8 seasons of DWTS? She's also married to Alex Mazo - wow, what a beautiful couple.
So, as I'm perusing the Dancing with the Stars website on ABC (because you know I have nothing else to be doing at any given moment!) I found this blog - He Said/She Said. All about DWTS, what else. Looks fun -

Anywhoo - who are you gonna be watching??? OOHHHH EEEEEEE!! I'm exited! - Dancing With The Stars - Photos. Check out the photos - because I'm too stupid at the moment to get them up on this blog post.

Random thoughts spouting off in my head:
-Thinking of signing up for a 5K (Whattt???!!)
-How am I going to get this little girl scout Daisy troop up and running?? (volunteers, anyone?)
-How in the world am I going to be ready for the holiday craft shows?
-When is Stephenie Meyer going to publish Midnight Sun? (please, please Stephenie....I need more hard copy Twilight to read)
-which brings me to, 62 days until New Moon is released!
-Bobby Long is coming to Dallas in December- eeeee!!
-Why have I decided to have so many hyperlinks in this post?
-What can I make for dinner tomorrow night?
-Do the calories really count if you mow the lawn before eating the entire tub of ice cream?
-Will my son sleep past 5 am tomorrow morning?
-Yeah for Fall! Got to get those decorations out before Christmas
-How will we make it to all 6 events next Saturday (soccer games, birthday parties, Girl Scouts, and Ranger's game)?
-I hate having to pay shipping costs to return underwear from Vicky that doesn't fit!
-which brings me to - "It's Stamina Baby!"

Friday, September 18, 2009

Vintage Tablecloth Twirly Skirt Goodness

Feels good to be getting back at my vintage tablecloths. This is a little skirt I made as a custom order for a customer of mine - Thank you Katherine! - it turned out so petite and sweet - hopefully looking forward to years of wear!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sweet Surprises

I had to share with you pictures of this package that arrived on my doorstep yesterday. I was actually expecting it to be underwear from Victoria's (don't get me....., it's nothing that exciting!) - but instead this is what I found! (and it made me happier than new underwear!).
This sweet package came to me from a dear friend of mine whom I met about 15 years ago while working in Yellowstone National Park as cowgirls (wranglers)- What a time we had!!! I'll never forget those days! Such fun memories - especially since that is where my husband and I met. I could go on and on about Yellowstone - ....
but really I just wanted to thank Trina for sending this to me!! Thank you sweetie!

I love these patches! I think they'll look really funky cool on an apron or something - totally unexpected. Apparently the previous owner had taken a trip to England.
Isn't this cute?! I suppose is was a give away - how quaint that you could receive free needles when you shop. Now we get free music downloads - (which aren't always bad, just not nearly as endearing!) Most of my friends can't even sew on a button, much less have use for an entire folder of needles.
There are rolls of lace, shoelaces, seam binding, rick rac, snaps, elastic (not exciting for you? well it is for me!), velcro (not that's exciting!). Where would we be without velcro?
By the way, the undies from Vicky showed up today - how nice.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Salvation - Butter Cream Frosting with Pink Sugar Crystals

I'm counting on these to get me through the night. Can't tell you how much of the pink stuff I licked off the spatula last night as I decorated these babies. My tongue is still pink.Cuppie Cakes are baked, craft supplies ready to go, Hannah Montana movie ready to play, doll sleeping bags done, junk food purchased, just have to order the pizza and we'll be ready to rock and roll for one 7 year old slumber party! The boy is excited too - that could be scary for the girls. Hubby is dove hunting - he says he'll be home around 9-10pm....if I were him I think I'd stay away (of course I'd be shopping, or drinking a pumpkin spice latte from my fav coffee stop, not killing little helpless birds, but whatever floats your boat).

Happy Birthday baby - hope you have a fun slumber party!

Doll Sleeping Bag/Nap Mat - Super Duper EASY! Tutorial

Here we go - this is my adaptation to Jenny's Nap Mat. I've altered the dimensions as well as eliminated the foam padding and velcro closure. Also stitched down the bottom half of the blanket, just to make it seem more "sleeping bag" like for my daughter's slumber party this evening.
So, I made 6 of them. They are all a little bit different. It was a great way to use up some of my fleece and fiber fill that takes up so much room in my sewing shelves. Also a great way to use up little bits of trim and embellishments that I've had forever.
Chrissa seems happy in her new sleeping bag- or maybe she's dead, its hard to tell. (I might be dead after tonight! Agh.)

So here you go with the steps.

#1. Cut 3 pieces of fabric (I used fleece).
1 Piece 20x20 (for the blanket)
2 Pieces 14x25

#2. For the blanket - finish 3 edges (I serged them). Then just embellish any way you'd like.
#3. Take 1 Piece of the 14x25 fabric and lay right side up. Lay your blanket ride side up also, and stitch about 1/2" from the bottom of the 14x25 fabric. Stop about 1/2" from the edge.See this picture - this shows where I stopped 1/2" from the edge. This will be helpful when you attach the next piece. (Yes....that is my treasured Twilight coffee cup in the background......Twilight is never far from my sick mind :) )#4. Lay your other 14x25 pieces of fabric right side down on top of the other 2 pieces. You'll need to fold the blanket in so you don't catch it in the side seam (see above).
Pin all the way around, leaving a 4" space to turn at the top right corner (see the picture below).
#5. Clip corners and turn right side out and lightly press. (Use a low setting on your iron if you're using fleece - it'll melt the fabric if the heat is too high!).

#6. For the Pillow
Stitch across the top approximately 4" down. Then stuff with fiber fill.
#7. Turn the raw edges in and top stitch the pillow closed.
Ta Da! You're done!
Let me know if you have any questions - I'd love to help you. Please be sure to see Jenny's Tutorial if you're interested in a child size nap mat. My son's worked out beautifully. Hopefully the dollies will like their little sleeping bags tonight. I'll be they sleep better than their owners.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Doing the "Mommy" Thing

I sew, therefore, it's my mommy duty to make my daughter doll clothes for her birthday. I think. Well, she seems to like them, so I must have done something right.

Last weekend we made the trek to Dallas American Girl Doll Store to pick out the newest addition to my daughter's little dolly family for her 7th birthday. She decided on Chrissa - wouldn't have been my choice, but that's OK. I was sort of diggin "Julie" the 70's girl - she's got some seriously long hair and groovy accessories!
So my daughter had been complaining since getting Kit last year that she didn't have enough clothes for her AG dolls. I made these little pajama pants from the vintage sheets - they match a pair that I made for my girl last year.

Also made these little outfits - all fabric from projects I'd done for my daughter in the past. The peasant tops were extremely easy - especially since I found out about elastic thread. It's the coolest thing - you simply wind it onto your bobbin, set your machine at a long straight stitch and plug away! I finished most edges with my serger and then instead of inserting elastic at the neckline and sleeves, I just used that elastic thread and Viola! It's done.
May not last through the slumber party scheduled for tomorrow night - 5 little girls- we'll see!
Busy sewing 5 little sleeping bags for 5 little American Girl dolls who are coming with their owners.....turning out pretty cute!
I'll show ya tomorrow! Gotta run - cupcakes are in the oven-
omg, I'm so domestic it's nuts. seriously. I may join the circus one day.
Oh, I also volunteered to be Troop Leader for my girl's Daisy scout troop. Have absolutely no idea what this will entail. As my son says....."You're a good mommy, Mommy". I hope so.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ready, Set, GO!!! to Preschool

My little boy started preschool yesterday. No tears, just a "bye Mommy" - in other words, "get out-a-here so I can play"! He was ready, I was a bit teary.

What a big boy. His teachers reported that he played hard, ate all of his lunch, napped, and played more - a good day.
Came home absolutely exhausted, and a little ornery. The naughty mat has seen some major action lately.
I'm off to clean up messes this morning (the boy decided to pour crushed ice and water into a packing box full of those bio-degradable peanuts that dissolve in water, then try to feed the dog the crushed ice, then sprinkle it all over the kitchen floor), do laundry, and get ready for my girl's birthday slumber party on Saturday. Her friends are all bringing their American Girl Dolls with them and I've decided to make them all sleeping bags for their dolls.
My list of to-do's is getting a bit long but I'm hopeful that since my little squirt is in preschool 2 days/week I'll have a bit more time to devote to Etsy and sewing. So many ideas and projects and so little time!
Boy is screaming - got to go...
Headed to the kitchen to see what disaster my son has created and brew some more strong coffee.......

Monday, September 7, 2009

New Burp Clothes

I had a "duh" moment a few weeks ago while looking at my entirely too huge stack, upon stack, upon stack of material occupying my "dining" (sewing) room and realized that I had been making burp clothes the wrong way. Well, not really "wrong", just not very intelligently. I had been using cotton/cloth diapers (which I had to make a special trip to the store to purchase) and sewing vintagey stuff to the front of them. I realized that I have an enormous amount of vintage chenille, which by the way is very bulky (takes up a lot of space) - it's about to topple over while perched on the top shelf - not a good stop for it I realize, but there is literally no where else for it to go. Why not use the chenille for the burp clothe backing???? DUH!!
So, here's what the little burp clothes will resemble from now on. The chenille in the pictures is not old, it's some new fabric that I had in my stash, it just happened to be cut in nice straight pieces at the time which meant one less cut I had to make (one less thing to do amidst the chaos of my house at times).
Pictures are a bit washed out - they have vintagey cute sheets on the back to coordinate with the little scrapey bits on the front. I'll have these in my Etsy shop soon - thinking they'll be packaged together 3 to a bundle.
In case you're wondering..... I'm all recovered nicely from my evening of "dancing like a star", even though I have a strange pain in my legs.... must have been from all that bustin' a move :)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

My sweet, thoughtful, loving husband, whom I don't deserve, surprised me last night for my birthday with a girl's trip to Dallas. Complete with 5 of my dear friends, a driver to take us wherever we wanted to go (responsibly!), and 1 dozen yummy cup cakes.
We had so much fun and I feel so thankful! Thanks everybody for making my birthday a special one! I did get to dance like a Star :)
By the way, Yes, I am "25"....well, ok you got me....I'm "30".

Friday, September 4, 2009

Swanky Swag Giveaway -Blogging for Bliss

If you love vintage and you love blogging, then you need to head over to Vintage Indie and check out their giveaway! Click Here. You need to HURRY! The deadline is TODAY!! They are giving away a copy of this book (pictured above) - "Blogging for Bliss" by Tara Frey.
I personally find bliss in Blogging and I know many of you do also!! Good Luck!!!
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