Saturday, September 12, 2009

Doll Sleeping Bag/Nap Mat - Super Duper EASY! Tutorial

Here we go - this is my adaptation to Jenny's Nap Mat. I've altered the dimensions as well as eliminated the foam padding and velcro closure. Also stitched down the bottom half of the blanket, just to make it seem more "sleeping bag" like for my daughter's slumber party this evening.
So, I made 6 of them. They are all a little bit different. It was a great way to use up some of my fleece and fiber fill that takes up so much room in my sewing shelves. Also a great way to use up little bits of trim and embellishments that I've had forever.
Chrissa seems happy in her new sleeping bag- or maybe she's dead, its hard to tell. (I might be dead after tonight! Agh.)

So here you go with the steps.

#1. Cut 3 pieces of fabric (I used fleece).
1 Piece 20x20 (for the blanket)
2 Pieces 14x25

#2. For the blanket - finish 3 edges (I serged them). Then just embellish any way you'd like.
#3. Take 1 Piece of the 14x25 fabric and lay right side up. Lay your blanket ride side up also, and stitch about 1/2" from the bottom of the 14x25 fabric. Stop about 1/2" from the edge.See this picture - this shows where I stopped 1/2" from the edge. This will be helpful when you attach the next piece. (Yes....that is my treasured Twilight coffee cup in the background......Twilight is never far from my sick mind :) )#4. Lay your other 14x25 pieces of fabric right side down on top of the other 2 pieces. You'll need to fold the blanket in so you don't catch it in the side seam (see above).
Pin all the way around, leaving a 4" space to turn at the top right corner (see the picture below).
#5. Clip corners and turn right side out and lightly press. (Use a low setting on your iron if you're using fleece - it'll melt the fabric if the heat is too high!).

#6. For the Pillow
Stitch across the top approximately 4" down. Then stuff with fiber fill.
#7. Turn the raw edges in and top stitch the pillow closed.
Ta Da! You're done!
Let me know if you have any questions - I'd love to help you. Please be sure to see Jenny's Tutorial if you're interested in a child size nap mat. My son's worked out beautifully. Hopefully the dollies will like their little sleeping bags tonight. I'll be they sleep better than their owners.

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