Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tea Towel Garden Apron

Well, I'm trying to pound them out lately - focus. focus. focus.  I've got such a huge stash of fabrics and linens that they are starting to overwhelm me.  I've got to get over the scissor anxiety I have too.  I've got to cut the ties - plunge in with the scissors and get to cutting - even if it's a tablecloth I love.  There's a nice stack of linens that haven't been cut into yet, that are destined for great things, if only I could start hacking into them without hearing their little screams in my head!
Anyways....I've come to grips with the fact that I must separate myself from this sweet little tea towel.  It's become a super cute apron - would look adorable over jeans or a skirt this summer while heading to the local flea market, grocery store, park, whatever - it has two nice deep pockets formed from the green handkerchief and a sweet vintage napkin.
Hope you enjoy!
You can buy it here from my Etsy shop

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vintage Polka Dot Apron - Improved

This apron I picked up at Canton First Monday Trade Days a few weeks ago.  It was crumpled up at the bottom of a bin...and I saw some possibilities.  This is what I came up with:
I added the turquoise lace around the pocket, the crocheted brown leaves and the vine stitching.  The polka dots were just too cute to pass up!  It's been washed, soaked, and brought back to life, I think anyway!  
If you see little aprons at garage sales or flea markets this spring - think about how you can spruce them up yourself with just a little imagination.
This apron should show up in my Etsy shop soon - 
I'm off to exercise this morning, then hopefully have some time this afternoon to get it  posted.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Cake

Yesterday I managed to whip out this Layer Cake apron while my son played (or, well some may say, destroyed, but I'm not picky).  
I'm loving this one - there are so many details - hand crocheted edges, hand embroidery, vintage rick rack, crocheted leaves, and zig zag stitching.
The colors are bright and beautiful - this one is one of a kind for sure!  
Check out more pictures in my Shop.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Confession....

I'm coming of the closet so to speak....I'm admitting to the world, that Yes, I am a 37 year old stay at home mom with two kids and am addicted to any and all things related to Twlight!

I can't help it! Have you read these books? I do enjoy reading, but I never thought I'd be able to read 4 books - 500+ pages each in just a few weeks. Maybe this will all wear off at some point and I'm sure I will look back at how crazy myself and my friends (the ones willing to admit it!) were over this thing. I'm trying to understand how someone like myself is so drawn to this story of vampires and werewolves. Seems so strange - I don't even like science fiction or horror books or movies. Several friends had told me that the movie wasn't all it was cracked up to be. But, I think since my expectations were so low - I actually really liked it. There were many, many things that were left out from the book which is understandable given the time restraint. So if you've only seen the movie, and not read the book - then you must read the book!
I am also very inspired by the author - Stephenie Meyer- she is a stay at home mother of 3 little boys. Well, I assume she's not as "stay at home" as she used to be given her success with Twilight. She wrote the books after her children were in bed at night and had no inclination to have them published until her sister read the story and encouraged her. I love the fact that she stuck with what was in her heart to do, not knowing the outcome. She expressed her creativity and found great success. Not that we can all make millions of dollars making crocheted hats, but I do feel inspired by her tenactiy.
Ok, now that that is off my chest.....I will try to concentrate on other things (like providing my family with meals and clean clothes) It really is amazing how self sufficient and resourceful children can be when their mom has her head in a book! Well, I have to finish the last half of Breaking Dawn first!
I know there are hordes of people out there crazy about this. Are you one of them? Are you willing to admit it? Go ahead, it feels good!

Snap To It! Easter outfits, better late than never.

I had originally planned to make these outfits for my kids for Easter, but Easter came and went and the project was still in pieces on my dining room table.  But, I was determined to finish them, I hate unfinished projects.  So, just today, Ta they are.
The dress is made from a "vintage" sheet and blue seersucker fabric I bought at Joann's several weeks ago (actually I think it was at least a month ago, because I couldn't imagine that I wouldn't be able to get these done with that much time.  I was so proud of myself for actually planning ahead!  ha.)  Then, the little button down shirt for my boy is made from the same blue seersucker.
Today, I ran to the store to get the pearl snaps for the front of his shirt.  I've never used snaps before - I guess I just never took the time to actually read the directions on the back of the package before.  Well, let me tell you - these things are easy!!  If you've never used them before, don't be scared.  All you need is a hammer, the snaps and the little metal thingy you hit.  Kind of fun, good for taking out your frustrations - unless you miss and hit your thumb instead.
Anyways, I learnt somethin' new today :)
Here's a funny - my daughter is always running out of socks to wear.  It's not uncommon to have sock issues at 7:00am in the morning when she's supposed to be getting dressed for school.  So I picked up a package of 7 the other day at Tar-get all Sunday through Saturday.  Well, today being Monday, she wanted to wear "Monday" of course.  Well, we couldn't find "Monday" so she settled for a non-descript pair unhappily.
So, I went to my purse today to find my camera to take these pictures, and low and behold...the "Monday" socks...all grungy and crumpled from a bounce house party this weekend.  They were nestled next to the corn dog I bought my son for lunch on the way home - which he begged for, then refused to eat, and then conked out.  Well, he's awake now, hollering for he's hungry for the corn dog now....

Friday, April 3, 2009

Canton Vintage Goodies

I found a really great stash of linens yesterday in Canton - First Monday!  So excited to have new colors and patterns to work with.  
I also found these two adorable aqua blue green Samonsite suitcases.  I'm planning to air them out and clean them up as best as possible and store my fabric, and notions in them instead of the ugly plastic bins I'm using right now.  I had several people ask me as I lugged them around the flea markets yesterday what I planned to do with them - I guess they were expecting some great new idea, except I just told them I was going to store things in them.  One guy I just told that I was headed to the train station to catch the next train out of town.   Those suckers are heavy!  I can't imagine dragging them through DFW airport full of clothes and shoes.  Of course, now they'd break the weight limit with just cotton balls in them.  I'd end up spending an extra $100 just to use my too cute suitcases.  They'll stay in my dining room/sewing room for now.
Those are 3 cute, cute little aprons I snatched up, laying across the top.  Loving the polka dots and the aqua/brown combination.
These are some tea towels that I picked up.  I'm fairly new to tea towels and wanted a few in my arsenal to work with.  I almost feel bad knowing that their fate will be a pair of sharp Ginghers. 
Here are a couple of tableclothes and the cutest Scotty dog table runner.  The pink tableclothe has polka dots, which are too sweet.
Here's all of stuff for sure.  They are all headed to the washing machine for several days of soaking.  That sounds kind of nice actually, soaking, not in the washing machine, but maybe in the tub!  My girl friend Sally has been kicking my hiney lately 3 mornings a week.  We're trying to get bathing suit ready....not fair in Texas, that season comes early.  I'd like to not embarrass myself too much this summer, or scare away my friends and their children.  Too good of friends out there to risk losing them to my winter flab.
Yeah Spring!
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