Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas Gift Idea - Fabric Covered Address Book - Free Tutorial

I found these calendar/planners at Target the other day in the Dollar Bin area. Who can resist looking anyway? I really need a new one about this time of year because January activities need a place to be recorded now. So, I bought a few of them in hopes of doing something creative.
Well, I had about 1 hour today while my boy slept and this is what I did!After opening out the book, I traced around it.Then, extended the ends by about 3 inches (I'm making a pocket to slide the ends into). I cut along the new ends and along the original top edges.
Next I finished the edges by serging them. You could turn them under and hem (in that case, you'll need to add a little length before you cut), or I think it might look neat to just leave a raw edge, but stitch about 1/8" away, that way your cover won't completely unravel, but it'll still have that raw, frayed look.
(I had to use 2 pieces of fabric, that's why you see the seam down the middle)

Next, iron the ends in about 3 inches. You'll want to lay your book down and make sure you've got the length right.

Then, just stitch along the bottom part of the pocket as close to the edge as possible so you can slide your book in. (eeww - as my daughter says....that ironing board looks nasty.)
Ta Da - this is what it looks like from the back.
I added some lace, my label and some really cool vintage buttons to the front. I think the buttons are glass - they're not plastic and they are heavy. I don't really know that much about vintage buttons, but I know when I like them.
You could do absolutely anything! Applique would be great.
I think I may make teacher gifts from these.

Here's the front:

If you get a chance to try this, let me know (just don't hog all the dollar bin goodies at Target!) Sorry the pictures aren't the best - remember I only had 1 hour!
I just noticed that my buttons are sewn on crooked - that was done while my boy was hollering to get up from his nap, oops.

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Anonymous said...

I bought the same calendars at Target the other day & was looking for something crafty to do with them...THANKS for the post. I'll try it & send you a pic :))

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