Friday, January 8, 2010

Got the Chop

Well, I finally relented and let my daughter get her hair cut. Have to say, I think I really like it - I loved her long hair, but honestly, it was a pain to try to keep out of her face. She never let me really fix it the way I wanted - (imagine that!).
I've got a crabby little boy the last few days - what was originally thought to be pink eye, is now just a really nasty cold and double ear infection. Plus, we actually had school cancelled yesterday due to the weather! Crazy - living in Texas - school was cancelled. Nothing really bad though - just lots of ice on the overpasses. So....kiddies and me were holed up in the house again yesterday. We had periods of complete bliss at being able to stay home and "play" (...destroy the house....), and screaming and crying.
I am needing some time in my sewing room! Hopefully have some fun projects to share with you soon!

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