Friday, March 26, 2010

The Left to Lie Tour - Bobby Long in Dallas

Several weeks ago I had the privilege of being an attendee at a house concert featuring up and comer - Bobby Long. Since I don't consider myself a critic of music - I'm quoting several sources here to give you an idea of his type of music.
"Grit and grace intermingle as London based singer/ songwriter Bobby Long embarks on his 2010 world tour and entrances with his powerful guitar and raw vocals inspired by folk, blues, and old school country artists like Bob Dylan, Howlin' Wolf, and Hank Williams."
Bobby is currently on his "Left to Lie" Tour, traveling across the U.S. promoting his music and new album.
Bobby played the house concert in the afternoon, then headed over to Poor David's Pub that evening to play his evening show. It was amazing - if you love raw, gritty sounds - little bit of soul, lots of guitar, lovely English accent, original music, then take a listen! He's really one of my favorites at the moment.
(I know - Bobby Long t-shirt at the Bobby Long concert?? I couldn't resist :) Bobby actually said that they only made 150 of this particular style and asked me where I had gotten it. Gee - guess I've got a collector's addition! Yeah Me.)
This is Bobby's manager, Phil (who's the dorky gal standing there with him??) - such a really nice guy. Both Phil and Bobby are so dedicated to their dream in the music industry. Being somewhat of a "crafty" person, I find it very inspiring to see people following their dreams and making a go of it.
You can find out more about Bobby from these sites:

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