Friday, June 4, 2010

Do You Ever Do This?

The day starts out with my son climbing on top of my head, begging for breakfast.  Will I please, please make pancakes????  (the most common request of the morning) I drag myself out of bed.  It is the last day of school for my girl, so to celebrate the morning - I make pancakes.  Not ordinary pancakes - but blue berry pancakes with Smiley Faces!
So - they gobble down the pancakes - but leave the blue berries.
As I'm trying to gulp down some hot coffee, I get a kleenex to wipe the boy's nose, as I'm wiping his nose, I notice other used tissues on the sofa - so I pick them up and head to the trash can.  Then I realize I need to write a note to my daughter's teacher - go to get the paper to write the note and my son needs allergy medicine (hence all of the sneezing and used kleenex), take another gulp of coffee, notice dirty clothes on the floor and head to the laundry room, in the laundry room see a toy that needs put away, take the toy to the playroom and notice a screwdriver under a Barbie Jeep and make a mental note to get that later.  Head back to the kitchen to check on the progress my daughter is making in getting ready for school, take another gulp of coffee - woops, it's not hot anymore, so into the microwave it goes.  Ok - 30 seconds to do something while that is heating up - feed the gold fish - oops, forgot about that note for my daughter, but my son wants batteries in his little camera (I'm thinking good - do that and he'll be occupied for 5 minutes today) - I go to look for batteries and realize I need a screwdriver to open the camera.  I start looking all over the house for the screwdriver, because I just know he had it yesterday trying to "fix" a toy......hmmm.....where is that darn thing?  Now what did I do with my coffee???  Well, maybe I'll find it with the screwdriver.  Oh man.....Got to get that note for my daughter.  Check.  Hey - 10 minutes until we have to load up to head to school - last day, remember?
Probably better put something on my body besides these clothes I've been sleeping in.  (the thought does cross my mind "Can I get away with just leaving these clothes on?  They sort of look like "lounge wear"....then it hits me that I might be anonymously discussed on Facebook if I show up in a purple cami and bright green pajama pants to my daughter's school - whew!  that was a close one!)
Head to the closet to throw some clothes on.  I manage to get kids in the car.  Ask my daughter if she's got her note,  I've got my coffee up perched precariously on the dashboard, and off we go.
Drop off goes smoothly.....we're son and I.  Aww....I think I can relax a bit.   Then I remember that I forgot to give the dog his medicine and supplements.  Do that and realize he needs water.  In the meantime, hubby mentions a getaway this my thoughts are drifting to cool summer nights in Colorado, perhaps??  Oh - son still needs batteries in that camera.  Ok - check.  Off he goes for his 5 minutes of fun.
My stomach is growling.  Pancakes?  Really?  OK. 
There's my Hot coffee.  Blueberry Pancakes (with extra blueberries) and..... a swim suit catalog.  Nice?  Huh?
Phone rings, oh I've got a head ache, "Mommy, will you play Candy Land with me?", start to make the bed, Oh - hubby asked me to do some laundry today, head back to the laundry room, remember I need to call another friend about a playdate today, "Mommy, will you play Chutes and Ladders with me?", .......make a mental note to check on cheerleading camp for the girl this summer.....wondering about sewing today, perhaps?......might fit some crocheting in - that's more portable.

Awwww - what a wonderful life!  I need to re-heat my coffee now and play Chutes and Ladders.  Holy cow... I need to shave my legs.


Anonymous said...

love it! Sounds like my life too!

HILER said...

You are hysterical! I love it! My life is like that - I'm so ADD! Or maybe it is just what comes with being a mom!

whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

lol- ADD - never thought of that!

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