Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Quickie Christmas Season Update

 Quickie blog posts are about all I can get in these days with the Christmas season upon this household!  A trip to Starkville, Mississippi for Thanksgiving, my little guy getting new glasses, a visit from my parents, and chance to talk to the Big Guy before Christmas Eve.......
Posing on the Natchez Trace
My girl took this one  - pretty good, huh?

Thanksgiving Fun :)
Visiting with the Big Man!

The little guy got new glasses

Visit from Indiana Grandparents last week :)

I'm still sewing like crazy, filling orders and making gifts for my friends and family.  A Carrot cake is cooling on the stove, getting ready to become Cake Balls for a party Saturday.  Refrigerator repair man is making his way back to the house for the second time in the past month (frig sounds like a jet airplane coming in for a landing).  Then, off to 3 Christmas parties this evening....... whew!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see Andy is supporting Momma Goldberg's Deli. :) sorry for the shameless plug.

whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

We'd eat there everyday if "Someone" would put one in Fort Worth (hint, hint ;)

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