Monday, May 9, 2011

Still Here......

Hi Everybody!  Still here...... just seriously hit a "blog block".  Feeling very little motivation to blog lately.
I'm hoping to upload some pictures of projects I've been working on - one in particular that I would love hear your opinions (I'm in the gypsy-hippie mood!)

Here's my life in a nutshell:
1.  Running kids to school
2.  Running kids to ball practice
3.  Running kids to ball games
4.  Running into the grocery store to feed hungry ball playing kids
5.  Cleaning up dog poo and spew.  Nasty Yuck.  (carpet cleaner is on the way!)
6.  Doing Laundry from ball playing kids
7.  Seeing the hubs every now and then:  He is working at a new job (a blessing for sure - just a lot of adjustments)
8.  Planning summer camps for kids
9.  Squeezing in a trip to the gym every now and then (Love me some Yoga! Need to be on the Treadmill tho)
10.  Dreading the HOT summer......
11.  Spending ample amounts of time on Twitter.  Do you TWEET?  Yes?  Then come find me!  "RetroLeeTX"  It's fun!
12.  Little bits of sewing... (some new stuff coming - Not just Toothfairy pillows, what can I say?  I got bored!)
13.  Reading "The Dukan Diet" and realizing that I cannot eat that much meat.  barf.  Also realizing that I eat WAY too much sugar/carbs.
14.  and.... squeezing in a little bit of "me" time while enjoying some of my favorite musicians!  Some new and some familiar. (Bobby Long, Sam Bradley, Lee MacDougall, Tom Bertram, Marcus Foster on the horizon)
15. Oh!  Almost forgot!  The hubs and I took our first ever BALLROOM DANCE LESSON!  We learned a total of 3 Fox Trot steps - it was hilarious.  Except the part where I back stepped into another woman and just about put my heel thru the top of her foot  - oops.  I'm so sorry!

Peace Out from the Looney Bin.......

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