Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ski Trip

We decided to forgo the Spring Break madness and take the kids skiing this year during February.  It was a great decision!  No injuries, very few tears and an all around good time.  
This is our secret location, in Colorado, low crowds and great skill level runs for everyone - from my husband who is more experienced, myself (just learning those Blues), and the kids - we enrolled them in Ski School for 2 days.  Best money spent on the whole trip!
My sweet girl - all smiles!

That's a blue run behind me - I did it!  
Those are my babies headed up that huge mountain!  They did perfectly fine - and loved it!  

The fam - posing at the base of the mountain.  (Did I mention, we are in Crested Butte?  Sssshhhh... it's a secret!  We love this place, don't want it to get too crowded!)

Taking a hot chocolate break - probably the only day that anyone got remotely cold.

My little guy - 5 years old - skiing down the same runs as me!  Of course.  
Our drive home, through the Texas Panhandle - gorgeous sunset.

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a.tonagel said...

#2's glasses are adorable! love them! so glad you all had fun! ps. Ben called and booked us our exact same room as last year for AL. He decided to splurge. :)

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