Friday, April 11, 2008

Family Fun, Goodies from Home and a new "Friend"

Hi Ya'll!
The reason I haven't been posting much this past week is because my house was invaded by my family from Indiana for several days! My sister, her husband, 2 little nephews and my mom. We had so much fun watching all the little ones playing together. 4 little cousins in all. Even the littlest - 9 mo. old had fun. He grew just watching the older ones and trying to be a big boy himself. I love you guys - thanks for driving ALLLLL the way from Indiana to Texas!

As I think I've mentioned before, my mom and dad have an antique shop in Indiana. So, frequently when they visit she shows up with a few goodies for me. This time was no different; although, the goodies weren't from the shop this time. They were treasures from the family.

You'll notice the picnic basket, which I adore, this came from either my grandmother or aunt - we're not sure. The books were all mine when I was little, as was the Cinderella album. I'm planning to hang that on my daughter's bedroom wall somehow. She wanted a "Cinderella" room a few years ago. I really, really did not want a "Disney Room" - you know, decorated with all the Disney Princess paraphanalia that you see everywhere. Not that I'm necessarily against it, I just didn't want an entire room devoted to that. I thought that a "vintage" Cinderella room would fit the bill though. So, now she has a very pretty blue room - sort of Shabby Chic and finally it'll have an actual Cinderella in it too!

The little cowgirl outfit was mine as a little girl. I'm loving the turquoise blue tin - it's full of vintage buttons!

The Christmas decorations belonged to my parents. Most of them came from Aunt Bernice's store in New Mexico, years ago.

Which leads me to introduce the newest member of my sewing world -

"Miss B" - named after Aunt Bernice and my grandmother- who was also Bernice. I'm not sure if I'll keep calling her Miss B, or maybe just B, or maybe Bernice. We'll see. I have to live with her for awhile!

My little boy has a raging fever - I think it's an ear infection. So, gotta run - we're headed to the doctor's office!

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AmandaTonagel said...

Ok, I know I read your blog every day and have never commented so I am going to try and be better about it!
Thanks so much for having us! We are exhausted but loved every minute. On the way home Ben asked Charlie what his favorite part of the trip was and he said, "Lyly!" (not sure how to spell his baby talk) :)
Thanks also for inspiring me to get sewing! I am anxious to work on my new skirts this week.

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