Monday, June 29, 2009

Twilight Jeans

So, here are my "Twilight" jeans! Don't worry - I'll be wearing them only once....(Ooooh! , unless....., they would be perfect for viewing the upcoming movies...New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn! amd any Twilighty parties that are sure to be attended!)I'll be sure to be with friends who appreciate my addiction instead of being with those who are totally embarrassed by me. No worries. I'm pretty tactful that way. I'd hate to embarrass anyone. Besides being a little bit too tight - I think they turned out sort of cute. In fact, it's got me thinking about all the other things I can do with a bleach pen. Have you tried this yet? It's fun!
I'm thinking about doing a pair for my daughter with her school mascot on them - I think you could also use a stencil and the bleach pen - lots of options.
It's hard to see, but I highlighted all the words with a black sharpie - another fun tool (lots you can do with this too!). I also borrowed a friends heat set gem gun - wow! that's fun - I was ready to put gems on everything! I ended up putting them down the one leg that has the swirly gigs (which by the way were inspired from the graphics on my Twilight box set that I received for Mother's Day). In case you're not in the know - the sayings all over the jeans are mostly favorite quotes from the books. I also used this stuff called Denimolition which I purchased at Joann's awhile back when it was on the clearance aisle. It worked like a charm - almost too well in places - it completely eats away the denim to give you the torn up look, that is sooo in right now. Just tryin to be fashionable and all.
Anyways - playing around with acrylic paint today and a black sharpie pen while my kids are running around like monkeys. It's soooo stinkin' hot lately that we're stuck inside most of the day. We can get out in the mornings a little and in the evening after the sun goes down, but besides that it's just too hot to be outside.
Just a few more weeks and I'll be taking the kiddos up to Indiana for some cooler weather (hopefully) and good times with family.


Anonymous said...

Are the jeans coming to Indiana?????

whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

Do you want them to come to Indiana?!

amandatonagel said...

why not! I am curious now. :)

whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

what? curious if I'll actually be seen in public wearing them?

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