Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holly Hobby Sheets and Blingy Jeans Fashion Emergency

One of my dear friends requested me to make her and her daughter matching pajama pants out of her Holly Hobby sheets that she had as a child. I don't know why, but this project was so hard for me to start! I think it was because I was making them for a friend, and I was also using her treasured sheet - so if I screwed up, there was no going back!, or just throwing it into the scrap pile and using it for something else later.
Anyway, I think they turned out super
cute - now I just hope I was able to get the measurements correct and that they fit like they are supposed to. I was even able to make a matching pair for an American Girl dolly - what do you think?

The picture taking skills weren't the best this morning - sorry bout that. I've been running around like a chicken with out a head these last few days (like many of you mommies out there!) It doesn't matter what I have on my to-do list, Christmas is going to come on Dec. 25th, and I will not have everything done that I intended, that's just the way it goes. But, Christmas will come to pass, and I'm sure it will be a fun one, with my family being way too spoiled in the gifts department, food department, entertainment department, etc. (well, maybe not the clean house department....that one is failing miserably!)

The kiddies are excited because they will have a sitter tomorrow night. The hubbs and I are headed to a limo....dinner at "Bobs" (love the pickles and homemade bread :) yum) - it's actually a great, swanky, white table cloth, steak place....then off to a Mavericks game with some friends. How fun does that sound?! Just add some booty shakin tunes to the mix and I'm good to go...but

Seriously - can't be too formal b/c of the basketball game, but need to be dolled up to some degree, b/c afterall, we are taking a limo and we are eating at Bob's....
So, I decided that I needed new swanky/blingy jeans to little boy has been drug all over town this morning, first to the boutique where low and behold (thanks to the advice of my fashion forward friend!!!!!!) I was able
to buy not one, but 2 pair of jeans....then off to the tailor to have them hemmed (I do sew, but....don't have the machine you need for the double thread most jeans have) - and lucky me, she's going to have them finished in time to wea
r them to the game tomorrow! Little boy got lunch at McDonald' he's happy.
Fashion Disaster Adverted! (Yes, that is my butt - you go right ahead and believe that, I'll let you .)
(wait....what about jewelry?)

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