Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Snowing at the Homestead

Woke up this morning to "It's snowing! It's snowing! It's snowing!" We get real excited around here when it snows. My parents arrived yesterday afternoon from Indiana - they like to escape to Texas for the warmer weather, don't think they are getting much of an escape this visit! The kids are excited though - and frankly, I like the change in the weather too!
I've got some great vintagey stuff to share with you soon - Mom and I will be getting my Christmas decorations out today and tomorrow. Trying to get ready for my Trunk Show on Monday (do you live close by?? Would love to have you over - lots of great shopping! - Support Handmade, you know!). Contact me and I'll send you an invite :)
So, Mom and Dad brought me these awesome plastic candles and a cute snowman - they plug in - may have to replace the bulbs, we'll see.
My head is spinning today, too much going on, ....I need a personal assistant I think. Shopping, blogging, Etsy posting, baking, decorating, site seeing, the list goes on and on......
Oh! AND - my sewing machine quit working yesterday!!! I about died. Thank the Sewing Machine gods though - the repair guy actually called me last night at 5:30pm (after dropping it off at 9:30am) and said that it was DONE! He initially said that it would take a "few days", so I'm thinking....ok, I'm without a sewing machine for a good week - at Christmas time, not a good I started asking around and several sweet, sweet friends offered their machines for me to borrow - then Low and Behold! Sweet, sewing machine repair man called! Yeah!!!!!
Got to run make more coffee, and take care of the fam. See you!

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Cole said...

That is so funny your parents came to escape the white stuff and it followed them! I am going to Indiana next week to visit my folks from HOT south florida...I can't wait for the cold!

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