Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"E" is for Ethel

"E" is for....well, it's for "Ethel"! (for you Bobby Long fans, I keep wanting to sing the "T for Texas" song here!) I had to share this cute sewing basket I picked up at the flea market this weekend. For one thing, I loved the icky plastic thing because my mom has one just like it - and you know what it's like when you see things in antique malls or flea markets from when you were little - sometimes, you just gotta have it. I was sold before I even opened it up - but once I did, I found these large "E" monograms inside of it. My last name begins with an "E" so I thought it was perfect. But then....I saw the "Specially Handmade by Ethel" label and loved it even more.
I'm the new owner of Ethel's sewing basket!
It's fun to think about what she must have done with all those zippers, lace, the book on Collars, hem tape, etc. I'm just thrilled to have it - I also found this stack of odds and ends - basically really gaudy fabric that the hubs rolled his eyes at! I liked the little Ginger Snaps because they have little horse shoes on them - I live in Texas you know! Quirky and cute in my book!
Flea markets are fun - you just have to get past the grubby-ness of it all. If you look past the ickiness and focus your eyes on the prize, it's fun! What flea market treasures have you found?? Anyone been to Round Top this past spring?
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See you later taters!

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Cole said...

Wow! What a terrific find! My mother is the best at scouring markets and leaving with the most fabulous things. I just love those snaps!

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