Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Little Cabin in the Woods

What's that song??  It's driving me crazy! "Little Cabin in Woods, Little Man by the window stood, ..... something, something...."  Anyone? Anyone?

Well, since my hubs is starting a new job - tomorrow! - (yikes, excited, scared?, mostly excited!), and we may not see much of him once he gets going, at least in the near future - we decided to take the kiddies down south of Fredricksburg, Texas to stay in a little cabin (in the woods,... yes.) for a few days.  No cell phone service, no TV.   Lost Maples Cabins.

We hiked a few miles at the Lost Maples State Park on Saturday, ate a bunch (seemed like all potato products to me - it's german country after all!).  Yummy Bed & Breakfast food too - smores too...., watched deer, squirrels, etc - and even fairy shrimp in little puddles at the top of Enchanted Rock.  Hubs and I were sore from all the hiking - kids, not so much.  no big surprise there, huh?

Kids bickered and whined allllll the way down (5 hours) and alllllll the way back (yep, 5 hours).  But - they insisted on sleeping together on the "Crouton" (as my 4 year old boy says) - (Futon bed) - and, they played together wonderfully once we were out of the car.  Silly kids.

At the top of Enchanted Rock
It's a long way to the top!

I didn't think the Kool Aid stain would ever come off his face!
Checking out the critters in that yecky puddle of water

Awesome!  A tree split this rock in half

Loved the hammock

Bunkbeds - fun to play in, but not so much for sleeping

The Red Rooster Cabin


a.tonagel said...

glad you got some time together. Yeah for Andy!!!!!

Copper Etiquette said...

Quality time is the best.I would love to stay in a cabin but I am fraid lol isnt that silly. Cute Kids!!!! Congrats to the hubby;)

whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

CE - well, the first night I had to go outside to unplug some lights and got a little freaked out! It was soooooo dark! But, then the second night - the starts were AMAZING!! You should try it!

Cheryl said...

looks like fun. We did a cabin trip a couple years ago. We, however had cell service AND a tv. I was still nursing then so the tv came in handy for me.
Glad you got some quality family time.

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