Friday, August 5, 2011

Plain and Fancy Antiques

My parent's have an antique shop in Northwest Indiana called Plain and Fancy Antiques.  (I'd give you the "link", but there isn't one.  I'm still training them on reading/answering their e-mail!)  However, they have been in business for over 25 years - so they do know their stuff!  
I took some pictures of some of my favorite items in the shop this summer - hope you enjoy!
I'm loving these old coolers  - according to Mom, they work better than the new ones - go figure.
This little painted trash can has a lever to open it with your foot - how cute?!
What a great cabinet, huh?? It's huge!
This is just such a cool retro lamp - 
What I really liked here were the flower pictures - 
The color of this table and cabinet is such a wonderful mustard yellow - makes me think fall, and canning....... (please FALL! Come to TEXAS! This heat is making me crazy!!)

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