Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ready for a Road Trip? Retro Style!

I love road trips - especially the kind that involve rockin' music, (might I suggest a little Sam Bradley anyone?) good friends and the anticipation of discovery!
So - I decided to expand the retro goodness beyond your standard steering wheel cover (because everyone already has one of those, right? (no? well then....).
In honor of my sister's birthday a few weeks ago (yep, I like to extend the birthday celebrations and send gifts after the actual celebratory day - you know, just to spread out the love (maybe a smidgen b/c I'm a scattered brained mom too, but don't tell her!  Second thought - she'd totally understand.  She's running her own amazing photography business & chasing 3 little ones around too - so, I digress....) back to the goods!)

Here you have Whoopsie Daisies luggage tags and handle cover! Because you never want your luggage to look like everyone else's! (Just ignore the fact that if you're lugging around this huge, heavy vintage suitcase, no one in the airport is going to have one like it anyway - makes for a cute picture tho, huh?) 
 In all seriousness though - I do love these.  I'm always wrapping bright ribbon around the handles of my boring black suitcase when we fly, so that I can easily spot my bag coming down the luggage ramp.  I'll be making a ton more of these for sure!  

Here is a little make-up bag I made for my sis too  - I'm especially loving the gray/yellow combination here!  

Then, because you want your car decked out in retro style - we have the rearview mirror cozy....

and.... the Steering Wheel cover.  (don't worry, if you're brother in law is not so inclined to drive the mini van around with a floral steering wheel cover  - like someone I know!) - it slips off quite easily and stuffs into the glove compartment.

Happy Road Trippin'!  Hope you're able to squeeze in one or two last trips for the summer!

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a.tonagel said...

Thanks so much for all my presents! Love them!!!!!

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