Friday, February 13, 2009

More Valentine's Love... Just in Time

These are the crocheted Valentine's Day hearts that I did awhile back. I'm just getting around to showing you how they look on my window (with curtains! Nothing fancy, but they are curtains). You can see the instructions here at Bella Dia (for the hearts, not the curtains). I decided to add my vintage touch with old buttons and vintage thread. I also layered several hearts to give them more interest.

Then, I saw these adorable pixies on Forever Flamingo and fell in love with them. I had to make my own little Valentine's Day cupids. There are so many things you could do with them. Think Halloween, Birthdays, Christmas - adding little touches to make them more personal. I think they would be great Mother's Day gifts for the grandmothers in my family. They would also make adorable gift tags. The possibilities are endless! I'm also excited to use old vintage photographs, even though I love the idea of using family members, I also love old photos. There's just something about looking into the eyes of people who have come before us. And, I just feel bad that these poor people's pictures are just laying around in piles at flea markets collecting dust. Planning to add that to my list of flea market finds this spring.
Check out Shabby Nest for the instructions and more inspiration.

These are little gifts I made for my daughter's Kindergarten teacher as well as my Supper Club friends. I got the idea from here at Just A Girl and took it a teensy bit further by adding the glitter glue around the stickers. After making the pixies, I'm in love with glitter glue! It's cheap, and adds so much. If you decide to make these - be sure you pick bottles with easily removable labels. I found the hardest part was taking all that goo off the bottle - ruined my nails! (Big deal, since my nails are rarely "done" - had several "social" outings this past week so had to bring out the nail polish). I am trying to at least keep my toes done.....but that's a whole other topic!
Anyway, it's been fun doing regular crafting but I'm getting the itch to rev up the sewing machine again. I've got way too much fabric staring at me waiting to become something beautiful.
Hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day!


amandatonagel said...

Very cute. I am planning on making my Valentine's pixies today. I am running way behind! Loved all your decorations. Do you have pictures of your book yet? I am going to order one off of Amazon.

whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

No pictures of the book yet - although I did receive my aprons back from the publisher. I ordered a book myself off of Amazon too - just couldn't wait for my copies to come. I will probably be offering the book for sale as well once it's on the shelves as I will have the opportunity to purchase them wholesale.

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