Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ballas Hough Band on GMA

I am fully aware and most of my family and probably the majority of my friends (although they won't say so) think I am a total dork for being so caught up with the Ballas Hough Band and Dancing with the Stars. I can't help it! They are so energetic and so full of life and fun and I can't help but love watching them.
Here are the links from this morning.

This one is what I saw on TV - "Do It For You"
This was another clip that I only saw online. Here they sing "Devastated" and are interviewed by JuJu Chang.
Oh - and if you want to find out which celebrities will be the next contestants on the new season of Dancing with the Stars - tune into ABC Sunday evening during the Home Makeover show. They will be announcing them through out the show from what I understand. I've heard rumors of Donnie Osmond, Denise Richards, and Jewel.

Can you stand the excitement?!?! (dork. I know) I do have some very cute "crafty" sort of things to share with you soon, just couldn't pass up the chance to talk BHB and DWTS.

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