Monday, April 20, 2009

Snap To It! Easter outfits, better late than never.

I had originally planned to make these outfits for my kids for Easter, but Easter came and went and the project was still in pieces on my dining room table.  But, I was determined to finish them, I hate unfinished projects.  So, just today, Ta they are.
The dress is made from a "vintage" sheet and blue seersucker fabric I bought at Joann's several weeks ago (actually I think it was at least a month ago, because I couldn't imagine that I wouldn't be able to get these done with that much time.  I was so proud of myself for actually planning ahead!  ha.)  Then, the little button down shirt for my boy is made from the same blue seersucker.
Today, I ran to the store to get the pearl snaps for the front of his shirt.  I've never used snaps before - I guess I just never took the time to actually read the directions on the back of the package before.  Well, let me tell you - these things are easy!!  If you've never used them before, don't be scared.  All you need is a hammer, the snaps and the little metal thingy you hit.  Kind of fun, good for taking out your frustrations - unless you miss and hit your thumb instead.
Anyways, I learnt somethin' new today :)
Here's a funny - my daughter is always running out of socks to wear.  It's not uncommon to have sock issues at 7:00am in the morning when she's supposed to be getting dressed for school.  So I picked up a package of 7 the other day at Tar-get all Sunday through Saturday.  Well, today being Monday, she wanted to wear "Monday" of course.  Well, we couldn't find "Monday" so she settled for a non-descript pair unhappily.
So, I went to my purse today to find my camera to take these pictures, and low and behold...the "Monday" socks...all grungy and crumpled from a bounce house party this weekend.  They were nestled next to the corn dog I bought my son for lunch on the way home - which he begged for, then refused to eat, and then conked out.  Well, he's awake now, hollering for he's hungry for the corn dog now....


amandatonagel said...

Cute, Cute Cute! Love the dress and shirt!

Lacie said...

Love the "Easter" outfits! You are so inspiring!

The last part of your post about the socks made me laugh out loud...and the corndog- that is so my life-Ha!

Hope your having a wonderful day from one mom to another!

whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

thanks Lacie!
I was out to dinner with some friends last night and happened to find an opened sleeve of saltine crackers in there too! How do these things elude me?! You'd think I'd notice things like that - it is an awefully big purse though :)

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