Friday, April 3, 2009

Canton Vintage Goodies

I found a really great stash of linens yesterday in Canton - First Monday!  So excited to have new colors and patterns to work with.  
I also found these two adorable aqua blue green Samonsite suitcases.  I'm planning to air them out and clean them up as best as possible and store my fabric, and notions in them instead of the ugly plastic bins I'm using right now.  I had several people ask me as I lugged them around the flea markets yesterday what I planned to do with them - I guess they were expecting some great new idea, except I just told them I was going to store things in them.  One guy I just told that I was headed to the train station to catch the next train out of town.   Those suckers are heavy!  I can't imagine dragging them through DFW airport full of clothes and shoes.  Of course, now they'd break the weight limit with just cotton balls in them.  I'd end up spending an extra $100 just to use my too cute suitcases.  They'll stay in my dining room/sewing room for now.
Those are 3 cute, cute little aprons I snatched up, laying across the top.  Loving the polka dots and the aqua/brown combination.
These are some tea towels that I picked up.  I'm fairly new to tea towels and wanted a few in my arsenal to work with.  I almost feel bad knowing that their fate will be a pair of sharp Ginghers. 
Here are a couple of tableclothes and the cutest Scotty dog table runner.  The pink tableclothe has polka dots, which are too sweet.
Here's all of stuff for sure.  They are all headed to the washing machine for several days of soaking.  That sounds kind of nice actually, soaking, not in the washing machine, but maybe in the tub!  My girl friend Sally has been kicking my hiney lately 3 mornings a week.  We're trying to get bathing suit ready....not fair in Texas, that season comes early.  I'd like to not embarrass myself too much this summer, or scare away my friends and their children.  Too good of friends out there to risk losing them to my winter flab.
Yeah Spring!

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