Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dancing with the Stars - It's Stamina Baby!

I'm in my land of bliss at the moment. Totally indulging in Blue Bell Coffee flavored ice cream and watching all of the Dancing with the Stars clips! You do know what tomorrow is don't you??? It starts the 3 night season premier!! Yeah! I'm sooo glad I have a DVR because my poor family would be so tortured watching it for 3 nights in a row. There are 16 celebrities this season!
I'm excited for my man Maks - he's a cutie and his partner Debi Mazar seems funny and she's got the coolest eyes!- I think they'll be a cute dance couple. But Maks, what's up with the shaved head dude???!!
Of course, I've got to cheer for Derek - you know we're buddies, don't you?? Oh Yeah, we're tight. He and Mark seem like the sweetest guys - check out their band - Ballas Hough Band - totally love their music. I've got them right there in my iPod next to my Twilight soundtrack :). When asked how he and Mark could dance an entire show and then go on to perform with their band all in the same night he said "It's Stamina Baby!" - so,.... I'm trying to make that my mantra, sounds pretty good to me!
I'm also going to be watching Dmitry and Mya (well, just because Dmitry might come out with his shirt wide open! - Awwwwww!).
You gotta love Edyta - she's such a beautiful woman - just gorgeous, and I think she seems to have such a sweet disposition. And did you know that she's the only professional dancer to appear in all 8 seasons of DWTS? She's also married to Alex Mazo - wow, what a beautiful couple.
So, as I'm perusing the Dancing with the Stars website on ABC (because you know I have nothing else to be doing at any given moment!) I found this blog - He Said/She Said. All about DWTS, what else. Looks fun -

Anywhoo - who are you gonna be watching??? OOHHHH EEEEEEE!! I'm exited! - Dancing With The Stars - Photos. Check out the photos - because I'm too stupid at the moment to get them up on this blog post.

Random thoughts spouting off in my head:
-Thinking of signing up for a 5K (Whattt???!!)
-How am I going to get this little girl scout Daisy troop up and running?? (volunteers, anyone?)
-How in the world am I going to be ready for the holiday craft shows?
-When is Stephenie Meyer going to publish Midnight Sun? (please, please Stephenie....I need more hard copy Twilight to read)
-which brings me to, 62 days until New Moon is released!
-Bobby Long is coming to Dallas in December- eeeee!!
-Why have I decided to have so many hyperlinks in this post?
-What can I make for dinner tomorrow night?
-Do the calories really count if you mow the lawn before eating the entire tub of ice cream?
-Will my son sleep past 5 am tomorrow morning?
-Yeah for Fall! Got to get those decorations out before Christmas
-How will we make it to all 6 events next Saturday (soccer games, birthday parties, Girl Scouts, and Ranger's game)?
-I hate having to pay shipping costs to return underwear from Vicky that doesn't fit!
-which brings me to - "It's Stamina Baby!"


Anonymous said...

your a mother and used the word retarded? shame on you.

whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

"Anonymous" - so sorry if I offended you or anyone else reading this blog. I made a poor choice of words to be sure. Thank you for bringing that insensitive comment to my attention as well as those of my readers.

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