Friday, September 11, 2009

Doing the "Mommy" Thing

I sew, therefore, it's my mommy duty to make my daughter doll clothes for her birthday. I think. Well, she seems to like them, so I must have done something right.

Last weekend we made the trek to Dallas American Girl Doll Store to pick out the newest addition to my daughter's little dolly family for her 7th birthday. She decided on Chrissa - wouldn't have been my choice, but that's OK. I was sort of diggin "Julie" the 70's girl - she's got some seriously long hair and groovy accessories!
So my daughter had been complaining since getting Kit last year that she didn't have enough clothes for her AG dolls. I made these little pajama pants from the vintage sheets - they match a pair that I made for my girl last year.

Also made these little outfits - all fabric from projects I'd done for my daughter in the past. The peasant tops were extremely easy - especially since I found out about elastic thread. It's the coolest thing - you simply wind it onto your bobbin, set your machine at a long straight stitch and plug away! I finished most edges with my serger and then instead of inserting elastic at the neckline and sleeves, I just used that elastic thread and Viola! It's done.
May not last through the slumber party scheduled for tomorrow night - 5 little girls- we'll see!
Busy sewing 5 little sleeping bags for 5 little American Girl dolls who are coming with their owners.....turning out pretty cute!
I'll show ya tomorrow! Gotta run - cupcakes are in the oven-
omg, I'm so domestic it's nuts. seriously. I may join the circus one day.
Oh, I also volunteered to be Troop Leader for my girl's Daisy scout troop. Have absolutely no idea what this will entail. As my son says....."You're a good mommy, Mommy". I hope so.

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Jenny Green said...

LOVE this idea! I have to steal it, I think :o)

I think my big one is getting Samantha for her birthday or Christmas...but she really likes Maya too (she wants to rename her Sacagawea or however you spell it).

Too cute!

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