Monday, September 7, 2009

New Burp Clothes

I had a "duh" moment a few weeks ago while looking at my entirely too huge stack, upon stack, upon stack of material occupying my "dining" (sewing) room and realized that I had been making burp clothes the wrong way. Well, not really "wrong", just not very intelligently. I had been using cotton/cloth diapers (which I had to make a special trip to the store to purchase) and sewing vintagey stuff to the front of them. I realized that I have an enormous amount of vintage chenille, which by the way is very bulky (takes up a lot of space) - it's about to topple over while perched on the top shelf - not a good stop for it I realize, but there is literally no where else for it to go. Why not use the chenille for the burp clothe backing???? DUH!!
So, here's what the little burp clothes will resemble from now on. The chenille in the pictures is not old, it's some new fabric that I had in my stash, it just happened to be cut in nice straight pieces at the time which meant one less cut I had to make (one less thing to do amidst the chaos of my house at times).
Pictures are a bit washed out - they have vintagey cute sheets on the back to coordinate with the little scrapey bits on the front. I'll have these in my Etsy shop soon - thinking they'll be packaged together 3 to a bundle.
In case you're wondering..... I'm all recovered nicely from my evening of "dancing like a star", even though I have a strange pain in my legs.... must have been from all that bustin' a move :)

1 comment:

Erin J. said...

Very cute! I like the simple patches you put on them! Hooray for breakthroughs of the creative kind!

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