Monday, November 23, 2009

Coming Down from the High

I had an awesome girls weekend and am slowly coming down from the excitement - back to reality! Good reality, just different reality. You all know by now that I'm a huge Twilight fan, and unless you live in a dark cave on a different planet - you've heard about the New Moon release! Aw! I was able to see it twice- once on Friday and then again on Saturday. So much fun - and shared with a dear friend that totally "gets it" - which makes the experience that much more fun.We also took a little road trip east to Dallas in order to see Sam Bradley & the Men perform at The Loft. Sam contributed to the Twilight soundtrack and I was able to see him perform back in July. Such a heart felt performer - he loves his music, loves performing, and so do his fans. If you like, raw, unpretentious music, you'll love his.
I'm realizing that I look extremely short, and a bit like Pocahontis with my fringy boots....or maybe I'm reminding myself of a short, Scottish woman wearing a kilt (it's not a kilt trust me, thought the ruffly skirt was a thumbs up..o well, win some, you lose some).... in this picture.... o well.
Well, since this isn't really a blog about music; although it is my blog,
and I love this music but...- guess I'd better fill you in on what I've been up to with Whoopsie Daisies! Answer is....not a lot of sewing, but a fair amount of posting on Etsy. I've managed to get all of my Tooth Fairy Pillows listed and will be working to get more coffee cozies listed shortly. Are you ready for Black Friday? Get your keyboards warmed up and ready! I know lots of Etsy sellers will be offering free shipping on Friday - count me in too - all purchases on Friday will receive free standard shipping - Whoop! Contain the excitement people.
My family is getting ready to shove off to the beach for a few days over the Thanksgiving holiday, so I'm trying to squeeze in what Whoopsie stuff I can in between my other responsibilities.

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