Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vintage Dots for Boys

Boy baby gifts are always more difficult for me to create when working with vintage fabric.  But - I think this works out quite well.  I am in lurve with the blue polka dots in this fabric!  It's vintage for sure - as well as the cutesy button and yellowish/gold rick rack.  All show signs of previous love - but work perfectly together here.
A nice stack of 3 burp clothes backed in a vintage chenille bedspread straight from Grandma's boudoir !  Poor Grannie.....she's shiverin'
A diaper/wipes pouch perfect for, well....diapers and wipes.  Or....a book, or a waller/keys, or lipstick and breath mints, or........umm....."insert your own here" - you get the idea!
This little ensemble is headed to Indiana for a baby shower this weekend :)

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