Monday, September 13, 2010

Organizing a Week

At the urging of my family, I am making an attempt to organize my day to day task list.  I'm assuming the glazed look in my eye lately, along with the sort of ADD, non-focused, scatteredness of my house cleaning & organizing has tipped them off to urge me towards making a change.

This is not an easy thing for me - I like a clean house, that's for sure, the problem is - that I spend a good portion of my day picking up, therefore avoiding other things that need to get done.  You know the type - I find it extremely distracting to do anything else when toys, clothes, papers, and snack crumbs are scattered from one end of the house to the other - so.....I pick them up.  And, then that's all I do - I pick up. period.

So - here's the plan.  I know it's sketchy - it's a work in progress for sure.  But - I am going to attempt to take one or two tasks per day and forget it the rest of the week.  For example - yesterday (Sunday) was supposed to be my "Meal Planning/Grocery Shopping" day.  Well.... the hubs was hunting over the weekend and I had to visit my ultra least fav grocery store (Yes, you know the one - starts with a "W".  Let's not go any further, it makes my heart palpitate just thinking about it and I've had too much caffeine and dt. coke today already (Yes, I know.  I need to cut that out too.))- on a Sunday afternoon, with two munchkins in tow.  Actually, the kiddies were really well behaved, and I didn't even have to bribe them with candy - wow!  Oh - but I did get Chicken Express on the way home, so guess they weren't subjected to my cooking last night.  That's a bribe, if I ever heard one! ha. ha.

So, back to the plan -
Sunday - Plan Meals for the week/Grocery store
Monday - Change Sheets (no - I haven't done that yet today!), Whoopsie Daisies
Tuesday - Laundry/Vacuum house
Wednesday - Pay Bills/Organize Desk - and, Yes - PICK UP the house (the only day of the week here folks - rest of the week, it's up to the other, un-named members of my family.  The dog's name is Hank - so there, you go!), Whoopsie Daisies
Thursday - Clean House/Vacuum
Friday - Iron Clothes
Saturday - not sure yet

I'm still filling in things like meals, the gym (yoga anyone?), kids' activities, volunteer work, church, etc, etc.  I've already had to do two loads of laundry too - once when the doggie dear had an accident on the carpet, and then again when my son decided to play hurricane in the bath tub = wet towels, everywhere. Oh yeah - then we had fire ants in the house yesterday.  So I sprayed them, then had to wash towels, rugs to kill those little devils.

It's not perfect, but it's a start.  I have to say at day 5 the laundry is a huge mess, house is a bit messy for my taste  - but....I did manage to spend more time with the kids this past weekend and we cleaned up my daughter's room and the playroom (in anticipation of 7 little 8 year old girls coming over Saturday for a slumber party - more on that later :)

So - how do you organize your week?  Any special tips?  Do you plan your meals?  Do you shop one time/week?  Do you just wing it?  I'd love any tips!

Check out this link at Creative Crate - I really love this chalk board - I'll put that on my wish list.


Margaret said...

Have you ever checked out

whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

Margaret - No I have not - but I think I will!

Bea said...

Flylady was going to be my recommendation...

mominaledo said...

Oh, I need to do that. I work 2 days a week and usually spend Mon/Wed/Friday PICKING up clutter. I do try and spread out laundry - I don't like doing it all in one day. Dusting, bathrooms, sheets, vacuuming, grocery/meals and some exercise....I need to be more organized too!!

whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

Well, today is laundry day/vacuum - holy smokes, there's a LOT of laundry to do! Plus, I realized that I don't have enough sets of sheets to change them, without having to wash them first. I'm also realizing that I have to PICK UP, in order to vacuum. But - I'm forcing myself to only pick up those things that are actually in the way of the vacuum cleaner.

Anonymous said...

Call me, I have an easier option for the chalkboard. We use it at Momma G's

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