Monday, October 25, 2010

Are You Thinking Thanksgiving Yet?

Thanksgiving is exactly 1 month away - I can't believe it.  I'm stressed already, just thinking about it.  Because once Thanksgiving hits - you know what, is right around the corner - and I NEVER have enough time to plan, execute, then actually sit back and just enjoy the season.
I guess I like fall so much because we get 3 months of it - I count September, October, and November.  I don't feel so rushed.  Even though in Texas, September is still blazing hot - so it's a bit of a stretch.  But, at least I know cooler temperatures are around the corner.  (Supposed to get up to 90 today!!!  What????!  - Ugh - and here I was thinking I needed a Pumpkin Spice Latte (go here to see my hil-ar-eeee-ass friend "Charles") today - boo!!)
Oh well -

I've been playing around in my fall fabrics, getting ready for another awesome Trunk Show - October Shop & See at my dear friend Jenn's (from Hippie Bliss) house in Fort Worth, on Thursday night, the 28th.
I just can't let that 1970s fabric go!  I love it!  (See, barely a mention when I first found it hiding out in a thrift store in Indiana, but it's one of my favorites, ever!) I've saved every little bitty scrap, thinking I may be able to use it in some project later....  I know it's not for everyone, maybe it's the 1970's born child that I am that makes it feel so familiar to me.  I'm betting that my mother had me dressed in a jumpsuit for elementary school in a fabric similar to this one!
How about you?  Do fabrics take you back to a time in your life?  Or a person perhaps?
So, anywhooo..... whipped up this garland/banner/bunting thingy to hang over the fireplace.  These suckers are verra difficult to photograph, I might add!
I'll have it at the Trunk Show - along with all sorts of goodie, goodies!  If you live near Fort Worth, would love to see ya!!

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