Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Newest Sponsor of Vintage Indie

In my effort to streamline my marketing, and hopefully take this little venture of mine to a new level, I've decided to try sinking some money into advertising.  Instead of paying big booth fees at "craft" shows where I'm competing with everything from cosmetics to candles, jewelry and stuffed animals, all made in a foreign country - I'm going to focus on those of you who actually appreciate handmade, appreciate vintage, antiques, retro, flea markets and other people's "Funky Junk"!  I love it - and I think you do to!  So - my goal is to find more of you out there!  Because, let's face it - I'm going to keep sewing, and my sewing room/dining room is getting quite loaded (has been...for, ummm....too long to say).  Some day, I'd like to have an actual meal on that table!

I came across Vintage Indie awhile back and just loved her take on "all things vintage, in a modern life". Vintage Indie is about bringing back and appreciating things that were once discarded and appreciating them in our lives today.  Vintage Indie is also about supporting the individual business owner.  I encourage you to visit her blog - I think you'll love it.
And....let me know what you think of my sweet little advertising logo on the side.  I spent an entire afternoon creating that silly thing - I can now say with confidence that I can create a 150x200 logo!

Yesterday, Whoopsie Daisies, was featured as the headline sponsor at Vintage Indie.  I love how the post looks, and the new look to the photographs!

So - do you visit any good "vintage" blogs?  What are your favorites??  Some of mine are listed on my sidebar (along with a menagerie of other fun stops).

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Margaret said...

Good for you! I am excited to hear how it works out, keep us updated!

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