Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Day of Pure Ho Ho Ho

My kids know the meaning of Christmas.  As my 5 year old son kindly reminded me "Mom, it's NOT about the presents, it's about Baby Jesus".  I must be doing something right! 
With that being said, they also marvel at the magic of Christmas and the spirit of giving, which is Santa Claus!  
So - I wanted to share a few pictures of them with their favorite man in red.  

Hope you all aren't too stressed out right now getting ready for the rather large, full of expectations holiday.  For myself, I'd say my stress level is at a 6.5 (on a scale of 1-10).  Previous years I've been about a 9 at this point - but this year I managed to get some shopping done early - which helped tremendously.  
All I need now is a Silent Night and some hot coffee and Bailey's  :)

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