Wednesday, December 5, 2007

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

These little elves are some of my absolute favorite Christmas decorations. Ok, they ARE my favorite Christmas decorations - well, I love, love the Shiny Brites behind them also. These little elves are from my mother's collection. They used to come out every year when I was a child. I can remember seeing them perched around the house thinking that the elves really WERE watching to see if I'd been a good girl! If you like Hot Chocolate, then you have to try this. It is the absolute best - it's sooo rich and Yes, Indulgent. So, I feel that I need a cup every night. I'm choosing not to look at the calorie count until after Christmas. I AM adding milk - gotta get that calcium ya know. Besides, drinking hot chocolate fools me into thinking it's actually cold enough outside to feel like the holidays. Being in Texas, sometimes I need those little tricks. I was thinking of heading to the craft store to pick up a bag of fake snow to sprinkle all around the inside of my house. Have my fuzzy slippers and snuggly sweater handy too. Now I just need to turn up that air conditioning.

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Lacie said...

Ohhhhh, I love "older" holiday decorations. I have some that are made to look older...but arent-Bummer. How special to have decorations to pass down through the generations!

AND I WILL be trying the hot DARK chocolate!!!! I love anything DARK CHOCOLATE!!!

YOr blog looks great!

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