Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ta-Da! The Cookies............and a story.

We had so much fun - made a huge mess - ate lots of cookies and frosting - and wound up with some very cute cookies. My little one sure has come a long way in her cookie baking skills. One little Gingie (gingerbread man), broke a leg - it was mended.....just mended backwards! Oh well, he still tasted goooood.
I've been getting messages lately I believe from the good Lord above - one received last night - "SLOW DOWN!" Wanna know how this message was delivered?
Well....thinking that I was taking a little shortcut, I ordered a pizza to be delivered (online nonetheless) - decided that it would be very smart of me to use my Pampered Chef Pizza Stone - which I never use - so I put it in the oven to be nice and hot (hot being a key word here) for when the pizza arrived. I also decided to use the handy metal carrying thingy. Children are crying...."when are we gonna eat Momma??? waaaaaah!!!" Door bell rings - hot pizza delivered - pizza goes on the counter - I get hot pads from the drawer (still "waaaaaaah" Momma, I'm hungry!) - get pizza stone out of the oven and carry it to the kitchen table - oops - it's sitting cockeyed, better straighten it up......bad idea (well, the bad idea was that I skipped a step - I forgot to grab my hot pads again) - Yes......, I grabbed the metal carrying thingy with my bare hand - and hurt like a you know what! I think I got a little faint and nauseous.....
Oh well, alls well that ends well. I just wrapped a dish cloth with ice around it all night (all in I slept with it) - and viola! The only damage is I now have no feeling in my left fingertips. That's not necessary, is it? At least now I'll have matching scars on my fingertips to match the scar on my pinky where I sat my steaming iron on it a few weeks ago!
And I AM trying to slow down - but wow, its hard to do this time of year!
Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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