Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Little Bird Houses and Challenges Raising Kids

We had our craft club night last week and Susan found the cutest project. We took these wooden bird houses and covered them in pretty paper, applied ribbon, other buttons, etc and the cutest little birds. My boy saw mine sitting on the counter next morning and kept saying "quack, quack"!. Guess mine resembles a duck. We had lots of fun though - I got home at midnight! Wow - when I called my hubby on the way home, I thought it was 10:30, not 11:30pm! Gotta love girlfriends, wine, fun giggles, and oh yes, crafts :)

Not much blogging lately - we've been so busy this week with vacation bible school. I'm volunteering this year and both kiddos have a class. Little boy is loving it, since this is his first time in a really structured classroom for any length of time. They are both whipped in the afternoons, which I thought would be a good thing (think, looonnnggg naps!) But..

Both of them have been sooooo whiney and crabby. Little boy is into "MINE", for EVERYTHING. It's driving me crazy. When my girl was little we didn't deal with that so much because she was it, she didn't have to share with anyone. Also, her personality didn't really lend itself to that problem. She's much more passive, especially in social situations.

Now, when it's just us at home - she gives us a run for our money. I'm thinking kindergarten next year will bring it's own trials and tribulations. Influence from other kids will be interesting. We've already had it out this morning over her hairdo and outfit.

Well, gotta run and corral 23 kindergarteners this morning! (with the help of 2 friends, thankfully!)

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