Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Men In Trees and a Pillowcase Skirt

Can you believe that ABC is so stupid as to cancel Men In Trees??! Well, I guess they never asked me anyway. I can still have my opinion, and my opinion is that it's a great show. I'm wondering how they will end things. Did you know that Patrick got his memory back on tonight's episode?
I love the light heartedness of the show, the romance, and the questions that are posed among other things. Tonight's question to ponder was whether or not it is a good thing to reveal everything about ourselves, whether or not it's better to know some things, or to remain in the dark about them. Maryn caught Julia's husband with another woman and she wonders if it is better to tell her, or to stay out of it.

I think for myself, as painful as it might be at the time, I would much rather have the whole truth. Honesty has to be the best route, don't you think?

Another reason I love the show is the Aprons! Have you noticed? Annie wore a cute ruffled one tonight and I have seen Maryn in several while she's cooking. You have to love that - I have been looking all over the web for a picture of her wearing an apron but can't seem to find one.

ABC, you really should consider bringing this show back! If you're interested in reading more, you can check out - go to the forums and there is a MiT section. You can also read more about it at

Since I can't find a good picture of Maryn or Annie in an apron, I'll share a little skirt I recently made from a vintage pillowcase. I used a pink hankie and tattered doily on the front. These little skirts are fun to make from pillowcases, because #1 the fabric is unusual and #2 the hem is already done.

Well, I've got to get some sleep - this post is taking forever because my computer keeps jamming up. Ugh -

Good night!

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tramp394 said...

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