Monday, June 2, 2008

Vintage Hats

This past weekend, I flew to Birmingham to help my mother-in-law with a garage sale. She is down sizing to a smaller house, and let me tell you - this was no ordinary run of the mill garage sale. You could easily have furnished another house with all of the stuff she had for sale. Thankfully, it was successful, and she's just a few days away from moving into her new house. Everyone involved is relieved that that day is almost here - especially my mother-in-law.

The weekend was also a get away for me. It's the first time I've really left my boy for any length of time, and the longest stretch for me to leave my hubby with the kids. It really was a good break for me, even though it was lots of work, I'm still glad I was able to get out there.

Let me tell you, that flight going out was the most peaceful experience I've had in a long time. Once on the plane, I looked at the guy sitting next to me and said, "I don't know what to do with myself! I've usually got two little ones to contend with!". I stared a the seat in front of me for awhile, then got out my book and read the rest of the way.

I packed very light. And it was nice - no stuffed animals, snacks, books, DVD player, car seat to contend with - but I knew I'd probably be coming home with a few treasures also.

I wanted to share with you all these great vintage hats I brought home. They belonged to my husband's grandmother - Ninny Johnson. I'm not sure what I'll do with them - how to display them. If you have any great ideas, let me know! But, I do love having them. Do you all know anything about hats? I'm new to this - I love the black straw one the best I think. Although, the green one really makes brings out the green in my eyes - as if I'll be wearing it out somewhere! Wouldn't it be fun if women still wore hats like this? I have 2 fun 50's dresses that are hanging in my closet. One is black, and could easily be worn out today, I may get brave one day and wear it - they both just make you feel beautiful.

Don't you just love the bags under my eyes?! Lovely. My boy is sick though, I have an excuse. His temperature got up to 105.7 today - got me a concerned for sure! I took him to the doctor - she says it's a nasty viral infection. Poor little guy was just a mess today. After dinner though (which he ate), he proceeded to pester his sister. So, I'm hoping that's a good sign that he's over the hump and starting to feel better.


crafter said...

Hi. I had a girlfriend who had a vintage purse collection and displayed them on the wall in her room. I bet your husband would love that girly touch! But these hats just reminded me of that and I can see why you like them. They are lovely.

whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

Hey Monya -
Yes, my hubby probably wouldn't go for that! I'm thinking I could get away with displaying them somehow in my little girl's room though!

Lacie said...

Ohhh...i love the hats! the ladies at church have started wearing hats again just for the pure joy of how they make you feel! you would fit right in. i love to wear hats, but i have such as amll head they often don't fit right. i do have a summer hat i would love to wear out.

just an idea i have made my laundry room into a flamingo room, maybe you could make that room your own-we are in there so much any way!

whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

Yes, the hats do make you feel pretty. I just love the way women used to dress. Of course now, I'm good if I get some mascara on while I'm running out the door in my t-shirt and shorts!
I may do that in the laundry room - I've sort of made it "vintagey" anyway.

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