Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Little T-shirts for Boys

We attended an adorable little 2 year old birthday party Sunday evening. My kids indulged in plenty of chips, hot dogs, (not potato salad because it had a small snippit of green from the pickle relish visible underneath all of the mayonaise and mustard- horror of all horrors!), candy from the donkey pinata (that's what we do in Texas), all the juice boxes a little child could want, and of course cake and ice cream (Blue Belle homemade vanilla, of course). I wanted to share with you all these t-shirts that I made as gifts. You too can do this!
One of these days I'll do a tutorial to take you through step by step, but in this case I had to hurry to get them done. Gee, so hard to believe that I was rushing at the last minute, huh????

Basically, you just draw the image you want onto Wonder Under. Then cut out the shapes, iron them onto your fabric, then iron onto your t-shirt. I also stitich around each shape and then embellish with other things like ribbon or buttons.

I'll take the credit for the monkey design, but I can't take the credit for the monster. I saw him on a site on Etsy ( ) and decided that I could make one of my own. I'm planning to do another monkey for my little primate. I'm also going to make him a Choo Choo train for his birthday coming up soon.

Hard to believe that boy will be 2 soon. He's such a mess. Today he was playing "hop hop" while sitting on my lap and "Hop Hopped" up on my chin with his hard head. Yes, I bit my tonque in the process. The taste of blood in your mouth is ever so nice first thing in the morning with my coffee.

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