Tuesday, November 4, 2008

2008 Mom-Preneur Shop A Thon at Tip Junkie

This holiday season Tip Junkie is challenging us to buy gifts from fellow bloggers and women. Many of us have Etsy stores and other websites which feature our hand crafted items. This is such a great opportunity to support each other and our visions of helping to support our families while nurturing the creative spirit in each of us. Please stop by Tip Junkie's Mom Preneur Shop A Thon and check out all of the great items for sale. Don't forget to stop by their blogs and shops. If you like what you see, pass it on to friends and family. You can also blog about it on your own site. We women can join together in this tough economic time and raise each other up!
Don't forget that many of the items are hand crafted and may take extra time to make and mail - so shop early!
You can find me - Whoopsie Daisies under the Little Bit of Everything category at the top. You can look for the picture below. I'm thinking of moving down to the Vintage category though soon.
Thanks for all of your support!

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