Monday, November 17, 2008

Tractor Jammies

I went to the fabric store last week with both kids to buy 3 yards of fusible interfacing and walked out of the store with 3 yards of fusible interfacing, 2 yards of lavendar snowman flannel, and 2 yards of yellow tractor/farm flannel. Not on the list, but that's what happens when shopping with the kids. Even they can find something they want at the fabric store.

So, I promised to make them both new jammies.

My boy loves his "Tra-tor" jammies and wanted to suprise his sister when she hopped off the bus this afternoon.

They are a little long in the sleeves and pants - guess I'd better hem the pants so he doesn't take a spill.
We're all glad to see the smile on his face after a weekend of barfing - not fun.
I used this pattern from Butterick - very, very simple. I skipped a few steps by using my serger on the hems and seams. I'll be using the same pattern for my girl so I'll share photos of that soon too, as long as the rest of the family stays healthy!

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Kelly said...

How can you not love a new set of pjs, especially some made by mom! Too cute. My children are far too numerous to make pjs for, but we, yes, that includes me, each get a pair left on the front porch on Christmas eve. It is always nice to slip on new jammies and sleep well. I often buy these fun novelty fabrics with the girls' interests and make pillowcases. They love it.


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