Monday, November 10, 2008

All Day Sew-A-Thon

Wow! I had the entire day yesterday to sew. I started at 9am and stopped at 5pm. My hubby took control of the kids for the day so that I could have the whole day to concentrate on sewing. I am so thankful! I ended up shipping just about everything I have to my sister, so I needed new merchandise to re-stock Etsy and to have something to sell at our Christmas festival in a few weeks.
I was able to pound out 5 diaper/wipe cases, 5 burp clothes, and 1 tag blanket, and a handful of hang tags. It was actually a little disheartening to me that that is all I could get done in a day. I guess I don't realize how much time I put into this little venture of mine when it's just 15 minutes here, 2 minutes there, 30 minutes here, etc. I also have a much bigger appreciation for those of you that have a rolling business (something I aspire too, but then I'd have to hire a sitter!). I don't know how you all do it. Then again, many people ask me how I do, I guess you just do what you love. I would not spend all of the time I do in my sewing room if I did't love it.
And, I use the words "sewing room" very loosely. My "sewing room" is actually my dining room, immediately to the left of my front door. So, if any guests come to our house, one of the first things they are greeted with is my mess of a sewing room - not a pretty dining room. I do have a level of guilt about this. However, I've gotten into it so deep that I don't know where I could possibly move everyting (except to the curb - and that ain't gonna happen!). So, I figure if I'm going to occupy this space in my home, I'd better make it worth while - so,....I keep sewing.....

Where is your sewing room? Do you have a sewing room? How do you justify it? Just curious. Us creative types need an outlet for sure, but sometimes it's pretty difficult to fit that into our everyday lives.

Here are my results from yesterday......(thanks again Honey for taking the kids all day!!!! I really, really appreciate it!!!!)

Today it's back to cleaning up dumped out baby powder on my son's floor, a spilled bottle of grape juice in my kitchen, vomit (yes. vomit.), water poured onto my couch, and cracker crumbs ground into the same couch.....Ahh, well at least my kitchen floor smells PineSol fresh now!


amandatonagel said...

Looking forward to getting all the stuff!
Alyssa told me again how much she LOVED the yoyo! If you have any extras, you should just stick a pin on them and send them to me to sell individually. just a thought.

Lacie said...

I always love your stuff! How WONDERFUL to have a full day to sew!!!! That would be such a dream for me...what did they do all day?
I am going to have to try and come by your booth to see all you pretty things! are so beautiful! AND you are so brave I haven't even gotten a haircut in over a year! I NEED a STYLE!

Mod Girl said...

Oh my... I'm enjoying your blog! I just discovered it today. A few months ago I was inspired to create a no-sew pillowcase apron after finding a sham that I loved in the thrift store. It is similar to your pillowcase apron (your's is beautiful, by the way).

I am just now (as in the past few weeks) beginning to learn to sew. I love seeing your creations; they are an encouragement to me to keep practicing.

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