Monday, January 26, 2009

Crocheted Valentine's Day Hearts

As much as I hate to stray from my pictures from my night Dancing with the Stars (did I mention that I got to meet Derek Hough and Mark Ballas!?!?!?!) - I felt I should get this blog back to this sort of stuff.......

I found this great little pattern for Sweet Crocheted Hearts on Bella Dia's blog - and thought I'd give it a try myself since I really don't have that many cute Valentine's Day decorations.
Give it a try if you want - it's super simple and you can add any sort of details that you want. I'm planning to add more vintage buttons to mine and then probably string them into a garland to hang somewhere in the house.

I'm also planning to try this Valentine's Day Craft from Heather Bullard - Vintage Inspired Living.
Her blog is so beautiful - it's sure to inspired you! I just found the $1 wooden hearts she mentions at Joann's on Saturday in their dollar section. I'll have to let you know how they turn out!

Check out my Etsy shop soon - here are some pictures of items I am trying to get listed today. My girl is due home from school in about 20 minutes and the boy is stirring from his nap - so that may or may not happen, but we'll see!

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