Monday, May 4, 2009

Jack Ingram at Polo on the Prairie

This past weekend we packed up the kids and headed out to Albany, Texas to attend the Polo on the Prairie event which raises money for MD Anderson Cancer Center. It's such a fun thing to do - I never get tired of really "texas" things - I moved to Houston in 1996 and granted there was a very obvious period of adjustment (I'm a midwest girl) - I do love Texas (minus the scorching, unbearable, suck the life out of you heat, the rocky ground which makes it near impossible to grow anything, and the lack of trees of any size).
Polo on the Prairie is cool because it's held out in the middle of nowhere on this huge ranch. Regulation Polo match starts things off, then your obvious Texas cuisine of brisket, white bread, potatoes, pinto beans, and peach cobble. After dinner Jack Ingram performed under the huge white tent with an enormous Texas flag hung over his head - Then we watched fireworks and packed the tuckered out kids back into the truck and headed home.
One of my best friends swore to me that she and "Jack" were friends, so after the concert I went up with my daughter in tow (she was taking the pictures) to talk to him. What a great guy, so gracious and patient with all of the fans. He didn't deny knowing Jennifer, I don't know if he was just being polite or if he's just that mellow. He's got that cool rocker-dude from Texas look that I love-
I find it so fascinating when someone can make a living performing on stage. It's interesting to think about their life and what fun it must be to meet so many people. I'm also intriqued by how someone writes music - the process, the inspiration, and then the act of performing something so personal. Anyway - we love Jack Ingram! What fun to get to meet him.

Lovely photo of myself with the eyes closed, huh? And, in case you are wondering - yes, my hair is now a strange orange-ish color....let's just call that an "oops". I'll log that one beside the Yentl hair. I was trying to go for a darker color - more on the brown side. Also trying to grow it out a bit...aww...always wanting something I don't have-

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amandatonagel said...

Looks like a blast! I think your hair looks cute in the first pic.
Also... I think Sawyer and Gray look a lot alike now with all his locks cut off.

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