Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pure Vintage Sweetness Apron

I just posted this sweet apron on my Etsy shop. To me, it is the epitome of "upcycled" fashion. The fabric is from a 1940's (or so) flour or grain sack which someone recycled into a table runner by cutting it into a scalloped shape and adding the hand crochet work along the edges. I then got my hands on it to turn it into something for the 21st century fashionista! I added the two pockets, made from vintage napkins (side note - my son, who is supposed to be sleeping peacefully has now awoke from his slumber and is hollering for me to come get him...better make this one fast!)....so anyway, the pockets are vintage napkins.
Check out the cute buttons! They are so retro cool. The ties are extra long and made from a vintage pillowcase.
I couldn't decide which picture to post - so I'm putting some here on my blog that don't appear on Etsy.
Hope you likey!
Are you being affected by this darn Piggy Flu thing?! We sure are down here in Texas - many schools are closed and most extracurricular activities are cancelled. Crazy.
I figured out how to download a free copy of the Twilight manuscript from iTunes the other day...what fun! Now I can run around the house doing whatever I need to do....let's see....on the list today - clean up the mud all over my carpet from my darn dog, cleaning up stinky milk drips from the sticky kitchen floor - compliments of my 2 year old son, clean up little itsy bitsy pieces of foam that came off of my daughter's egg crate cushion thingy on her bed that had been drug out into the living room to act as some prop, and ah yes, clean the finger nail polish off of the wall in the kitchen that was mysteriously splattered there....must have little elves running around the house, I'm sure.


amandatonagel said...

Is it the book on tape or the movie?? Send me the link! I called the library and I am still #3 on the list for Eclipse! Ugh possibly 6 more weeks to wait!

whoopsiedaisiesgal said...

Hey - it's the first few chapters of Twilight the book - I really liked being able to listen to it while I was doing other stuff - I didn't feel quite so quilty - but then it was over too quickly! I found it on iTunes - just look at search Twilight stuff and look for what's free - there is a free podcast too. Just go and buy yourself Eclipse - how can you POSSIBLY wait 6 weeks!!!!

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